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    do you ever forget your pain?
    missist posted:
    my new regimen of pills is working so well I almost forget there's pain. But after working a few hours today and hand sanding-- I'm so sore and have stiffness and etc.. Makes me sad. I know--that's whiny. It just does. I think-- gosh the sun was out I was enjoying my day.. and the clock struck night and bam! my coach is a pumpkin again.

    I guess there's a reason for the pills.
    Anon_10089 responded:
    In a twisted way, moments like that are sometimes helpful for me. Although I've accepted the FM, sometimes doubt creeps in. Maybe I'm just a big baby? Maybe I'm lazy? Then I'll have times where it's so obvious there is widespread dysfunction in my body. I take those times as a reminder to take care of myself and let go of the guilt!
    missist replied to Anon_10089's response:
    Anon--I do that too! If I feel fine--I think-- it was all in my head, and then it comes back and I think--there's no way this is in my head.. The stiffness is the big thing--I just think who on earth would be imagining this??

    It does help actually with guilt an with feeling like you are crazy--that it comes back rather relentlessly and reminds you of your reality.

    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Dear Mary,

    I too forget my pain at times. But it usually reminds me in a big way when it comes back. It really makes me appreciate the pain free times. When I ran out of my medicine for a couple of days once, I realized how much it does help me. I try very hard to never let that happen again. I hope you get felling better soon.

    Take care,
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    unhappybeoch responded:
    Hi Mary. I know how you feel. I go and work in my garden, and the minute I sit down. I feel the pain. Resently my daughter moved next to my house, and tells me " If it's going to make you hurt, stop doing it.". But she don't understand, this is my little bit of taking the pain out of my head. Right now my garden is my freedom from the pain. And I lose track of the time and forget about my pills. Maybe it's my way of hoping some day, of not having to live on pills. But is comes back to the point of getting the bottle out and taking them again. I honestly think, there are a lot of us that find our own ways of escaping the pain, and reality hits us. I found if I take my pills, before dinner, the pain isn't so bad. But your not alone. We all want those go day to stay with us at night, but it never does. take care and god bless you.

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