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Sorry been awhile
Dibug69 posted:
Hi FibroFriends,

Well it has been a while since I have been on. Since Jan I have had 5 funerals and completely slammed at work. I quit taking all my meds because I was constantly nauseous I had my upper teeth worked on an took Percocet for 2 weeks. I felt better then in 5 years. Now the wall hit full force I can barely move I am miserable. I want to find more natural ways of treating this I'm sick if doctors and try this try that. I so want to be able to work, work, work but now sitting on my bed in tears trying to figure out some relief. Sorry for the rant and rave. Hope you all are doing well

Peace and love Fibro Friends Di
dollbug responded:
Hello and welcome back Dibug...MiMi in sorry that you have been dealing with so very much. I think we all know and understand just how much stress can affect our bodies. It is also hard trying to find the *right combination of tools* that might help you as well. IF only the doctors knew what would help each one of us but since we are all different I truly do not think there is a *magic pill* which would work for all of us...(we can always hope though).

I take vitamins and supplements and do other things as well to *control my FM pain*...I am not painfree...nor do I expect to be...but I am better than I use to be. I have learned how to pace, pace and pace even more which I think is very important for all FMers to do. It is one of many processes that we have to figure out though and sometimes it does take a long time to do so. Now if only I could find something that would help my chronic fatigue.

I hope you will soon find something that will ease your pain.

Be sure and check out the info under *tips* and *resources*....and review the member toolbox as well. I am sure that you can find something that will help you cope better.

I do think we all probably get sick of dealing with doctors and trying things that do not help.

Hang in there though and give yourself time.

Good luck and take care.


missshortyd responded:
Morning Fmily
Dibug69 If memory serves me right aren't you one of Dr P's patients can you give us a update on what happen and why he's not here anymore


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