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abdominal swelling
earthling317 posted:
I have fibromyalgia. Every time I eat. my stomach/upper abdomen bloats up terribly and usually within 30 min I have explosive diarrhea.
I was wondering if anyone else experiences this or if I could be having some other problem
Anon_408 responded:
IBS is common as a symptom of FM. Just my opinion, but this sounds like something that needs to be taken to the Dr. Especially if it happens every time you eat.

We shouldn't contribute every thing to FM.
BetteK responded:
Right! Sure it could be irritable bowel syndrome. But what if it isn't. My mother had that happen for several years. When she was finally checked, it was colon cancer and too late to save her.

Go to your doctor. If she suggests a colonoscopy, get it. Honestly, the worst thing about getting one is the prep. (You take different kinds of laxatives and get really empty! This is so the scope can see every inch of bowel with no poop blocking the view.) The neat thing is that if they find a polyp or something, they'll nip it off right then. Some people say it's a little uncomfortable, but I don't feel a thing and don't even remember anything from when they wheel me into the room until I'm in recovery.

Find out what the problem is. Right now, you're miserable. You're probably scared, too. If you know what's wrong, you can fix it. (Maybe you're lactose or gluten intolerant and can tweak your diet. Wouldn't that be a relief!) Call your doctor on Monday.

booch007 responded:

I have to share my sad story. I was a vegetarian when i met my husband and he is from Italy. In fear that his Mother would not understand me or like me, I ate meat at her house and got sick everytime I ate there......blaming the meals were large and heavy (man could she cook!) BUT the end story was it wasn't he meat getting me ill. IT was the fresh pasta and italian bread.

After 25 years of diarrhea and distress and cramps, bloating and trouble a naturopath diagnoses me with Gluten intolerance and I went to a GI for a scope to get biopsies for Celiac disease. I am NON CELIAC GLUTEN ENTEROPATHY.

Within 3 days of no gluten I am diarrhea free, 1 bowel movement a day and a new woman. GLUTEN is in everything almost that is processed and you need to learn that information. Get the GI to test you first and then go on a gluten free diet.

I was labeled IBS for most of my life, but I exploded in symptoms when I met and married my husband as the Italian diet has alot of gluten in it. I was a simple eater as you choose things that don't bother you as you go stir-fry wok and rice was a staple for me and beans not meat was a choice.

So put this idea in your head, more and more people are finding they are reactive tot he gluten chemistry we have now.

Good luck, I asked not to change to gluten free yet as your scope will be neeed to be reactive still to be diagnosed...............nancy B
Gracefilled replied to booch007's response:
I get a lot of bloating after eating and have recently been diagnosed with GERD. I am have an endocopy in a few weeks. I have also gained weight (from the Lyrica I think) and "normally" have digestive issues. I believe some of this does come along with fibromyalgia. I will find out some if there is anything else is going on. I think it is a good idea to follow up with your doctor. We probably should not assume it is the fibro and should be tolerated. It is easy to fall into the habit because I get tired of going to the doctor and having tests done. Thank you for the info ladies!

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