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Does anybody understand this?
BetteK posted:
Someday in 2043 when I hit 100 I may understand men. We finally gave/sold the farm to our older son. So why did dh just spend over $1000 on farm equipment at an auction?

We have NEVER gone on a vacation together in 45 years of marriage. We had a weekend honeymoon at friends' cottage. Now that the farm is no longer our responsibility, the pigs are all bacon, and the cows can eat new, green grass, I thought we could have some chance of seeing a little bit of this great land.

Farming is not a profession. It's a disease.

Tomorrow we'll go to Rochester and see our younger son at his group home. It will be wonderful to be together, the 4 of us, as a family. It will be about 20 degrees colder than it's been, so no lilac spring suit for me. Out with the cordoroy pants and for lilac it will have to be a winter jacket. They're talking about a rain/snow mix in the evening.

Hope that tomorrow--just for a day--we can all be well-rested, pain-free, and surrounded by people we love. Monday's time enough for real life.


WomanInBath responded:
apparently, you didn't charge your son enough for the farm!! If he can go around blowing that kind of money after purchasinga farm then maybe you should have charged a little more and bought some new Lavender shoes and a beautiful Italian leather lavender clutch!! packed them in your new luggageand taken them on your new trip!
Oh, they'lll nevr understand.
Did you they were going to change?
get your hands on some of that sale money and go have yourself a good time you deserve it!!!
happy Mother's Day but most of all I wish you understanding.

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