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Thanks for all the tips with regard to Dizziness & FMS
ggladieux posted:
I want to thank all of you who replied about dizziness and fibromyalgia. Its weird that mine may come on when I'm just sitting in a chair.

Thanks again!
missist responded:
one of the worst parts of fibro --in my mind--is when a totally new weird thing happens. You don't know for sure its 'just fm' so you trot off to the dr. and they run spendy tests, decide its 'just fm' and you feel like a hypochondriac..but then again--if you don't trot off to the dr and get the tests or find out for sure-- you risk it really being something else. the curse part of this.
ggladieux replied to missist's response:
True enough, especially since I hate going to the doctors, particularly specialists. Unfortunately they are a necessary evil for folks who have FM and other chronic health issues. Take care of yourself.

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