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    Sunday ****5/19/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC where it is damp from showers off and on, just as they said we would have. My GD did have her game on Saturday right after they had their pictures taken. Her game was one of the first ones which was played. She did really well, even though they lost. These little girls are amazing at pitching the I do not even see how they can do it. Anyway...they will not have a game next week-end. So the season is near the end. School will also soon be out. I am sure there will be all kinds of things for them to do.

    The dampness is something else. It has rained off and on and is supposed to for several more days. I know that we need the rain but when it rains so much for such a long period of body does not like it and neither do my furbabies. But there is nothing that I can do about the weather....whether I like it or not.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for all of us as well.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort to figure out the *just right combination* that will improve the way you feel. Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more is a good start. Not crossing the line or pushing one self to the limit is a good thing. Doing projects in small stages is good. But this too takes time and effort for us FMers to learn. Everything is a process.

    Vitamin D....again I want to remind those of you who have not talked to your doctor about checking your Vitamin D.....please do so on your next visit. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.
    I am still not quite sure about the connection of how all of this works....but I do know that it made a big difference in my pain level. So whatever helps and we figure out what works is what is important.

    As for me....I am one of the *vitamins and supplements* FMers here. I take the following: Fibro Response and Magnesium Malate (found at vitamin stores) Omegas, multi vitamin with extra D, P5P (this is my new addition-and I am still in the experiment stages) Vitamin C and folic acid...(I think the folic acid helps with my sleep). I also take others but I think these are the main ones which helps my FM pain. Now I am hoping that the P5P will help with my fatigue problem. (still too early to tell right now).

    I also drink plenty of water each day....which is about all I drink, for the most part and I also try to watch what I eat. Doing gentle stretches and exercises is also a must....we, FMers, must keep moving regardless of how we feel. It does make a difference in how I feel.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day and I hope some of you will be able to enjoy the sunshine, if you have it. Send some my way, if you can.


    booch007 responded:
    Good morning Fmily and Mimi,

    I spent Friday night babysitting the girls and both were sick with fevers of 102* (amazing they didn't slow down though!) Terrible bronchial cough with Olivia. So I was Nana the nurse......and my sadness to them being sick gave me the energy to watch them after a long week at work.

    I am so very busy, I must watch what I wish for.....I am working still on Monday's (my meday*) So, I am feeling stretched with being unable to do any spring work here at the house.

    I did get the patio and deck cleaned and open (and then it is raining all week they said! arghhhh*.) But pool has to be opened and the list is long. What is still so telling here is the living room has been found (hurray) but the Christmas wreath that hangs outside on the window is still in the hall to be in the attic. Winter coats are hanging on a pole waiting to go in the attic*....I cannot go there this year. So I wait for hubby and he sees* nothing.

    Memorial day is my holiday and I am somewhat ready to have a BarBQ at this point but if it rains I am dead! So watchful waiting this week for the beginning of next week...

    Talking about the FM issues I have returned to the level of pain I am used to. I just try to get a rest period for my muscles in the day. I had increased the savella to 2 in the morning (25mg) and with the stress I deal with it really is a no. I have anger feelings and our Manager quit this week and my B/P was through the roof. Since we *JUST* joined the Columbia computer system there is so much information now in her head that she is taking with her. I fear I will never go back to clinical. Being in charge BUT AT patient level is where I am my best. I cannot function like this in so many directions and on a computer and not in the charts overseeing. It is painful to my spirit.

    OK, enough blabber......

    Mimi I am still smiling to read of your GD experiences and hopeful to hear of the sleep over and full weekend of fun. Have a good week my Fmily........Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    Hello Nana sorry that your girls are sick. It is really very hard when the little ones are sick and you do not know just how to soothe them so that they will feel better....some/most things just have to run its course, no matter what. And as we all know this, too, takes time and effort. Well...I hope they will soon be well again.

    Yes....I am indeed enjoying my GD....she is one tough little girl....such a *tomboy*....and I was hoping that she would be a *girlie girl*....I had bought so many of these kinds of *things* for her. Little sun dresses and cut little shorts with is funny though that she is just like her so many ways. She can hit a ball and enjoys sports. She runs through the woods at her dad's house and he is making a path for them to jog....and bicycle as well. He gave her an ipad (?)....I wondered IF it would be returned....(it wasn't though-which I find quite interesting)...she can contact her dad whenever she wants to and the ex and her dad can *communicate, without actually communicating....which I also find a godsend.

    I think soon there will still be major changes to this arrangement....I think soon that GD will let her wants be known. I can learn a lot about *things* just by listening to what is being said....which I find kind of interesting.

    Anyway....I am hoping for another little girl around daughter in law really wants a little girl. But it really does not matter as long as the baby is healthy. I am excited and can hardly believe that we will soon have another little one to love and cherish. So exciting. They told my little GS the news on Friday that he is going to be a big brother. He wants a sister and a brother...(funny...I am sure this will change though).

    So sorry that things are stressful at work for you....perhaps this is why your pain level has increased. Try to get the stress under control, as we all know what stress does to us. last you know anything about P5P?

    I am on another mission....trying to find something to help with my fatigue....I am hoping that this will help.

    Take care and I hope you have a good Sunday.


    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Sunday MiMi, Nancy and all. I hope your weekend has been good and that today will be a nice one for you. I also hope that your have had good days that haven't included fibro issues or pain.

    It's so pretty here this morning. The last of the rain went east last night and just a bit of water from the last shower is on the deck this a.m. I have the doors open now, but 89 degree temps by 2 will force me to close them and the windows so I can turn on, I'm happy to say, the AC.

    DH said yesterday that he wanted to be up early to trim the hedges and weed wack.. that was yesterday. Today he is out cold sleep upstairs and I don't expect to see him until around 11 which will be just about when the yard heats ups. Oh well theres always the cool of the afternoon.

    Same schedule for my day today, Not Much Of Anything To Do. Just small, easy tasks for me today. Those suit cases are still 1/2 filled and I really do have to get to them. I pretty much have to foods that we're taking set aside. It's the clothes I need to pick and then pack. I have been checking the predicted temps in Orlando next weekend and it's gonna be hot in the 90's. I don't have enough tank tops to take so I know I will be out shopping for those today or tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I have to make calls for appointments with my doctors for bi yearly exams. I do hate having to go in every six months for check ups. I have already gotten appointments with my gastrologist, heart and lung doctors for the 1ST week of June. Then I just need to be reseen with PCP and with my GYN and I should be done with doctors until September when I have my yearly Momogram.

    I guess it's a good thing that I can go so often and get checked out. Thankfully I have Medicare and a secondary inusrance and between the two I have about a 20% percent co pay. So it's not breaking the bank to go, just hate to set aside time to get in there.

    MiMI, sorry about the rain. We had it here for two days and for us it was hit and miss and when it hit it was a down pour.. so I understand how wet it is there. I am so happy for you and yoru family. I just love reading about your time with your grand daugher. I am so glad that it's all working out so well for her and and for your family. What a blessing it is to have her back into your life and what a difference it is making in hers. Truly happy for all of you. :
    Nancy, it's so true those little ones, sick or no, their up and going. My little ones would be sick and yet busy little things.Hard to tell that they were even sick. At day's end I was feeling run down and sickly.

    Sorry your're working so much, I hope that there's a light at the end of the work schedule tunnel and that you'll be able to catch a break and be able to rest a bit with a day off.

    Not much to post about today so will close this here with well wishes for each of you. Have a great day, feel well and enjoy your Sunday.

    Gentle Hugs, Linda R
    missist replied to dollbug's response:
    Good Morning Nana B & Mimi & all to come..
    I've been a little scarce, was preparing for company and now they are here. My son and his cute little girlfriend arrived a little after midnite. I greeted them, my other son picked them up at the airport and brought them over, we were in bed, but of course my dogs were kind enough to alert me that there was someone in the house.

    They are still asleep-- they're on a 3 hour later time zone--so its pretty early on a Sunday morning for them yet.

    I really did not make plans, they will be with us until sometime on Tuesday and then will complete their vacation down in Florida with other family that is much more energetic--so they'll have plenty to do.

    Here on our little lake we hope to offer a bit of jet ski activity, but other than that a lot of goose babies and nature things and perhaps going to a restaurant or some other things.. not much. I'm really going to let my son direct--as he has lived here so he knows what he will want to do on his vacation.

    Mojo--my big dog-- knows my son, but Paco my little dog is chihuahua barking and growling a little bit every now and then as he knows there are people in the guest room that he does not know.

    --so that's my life just now--
    As for fm--I am awaiting a call next week for an appointment with a neurologist. I can relate most of the *new* symptoms to trouble with my spine--which I've had a long time but I think is worse. One thing though I am not sure what that is--I'm having auras and a sort of mild seizure at night- pretty much every night now, with several on some nights.

    Of course that's kind of scary--and the reason they are sending me to the neurologist. So we shall see..

    As far as seizures go they are kind of odd-- I have this aura thing--and know its about to happen, then I have numbness that travels around all over my body. And also some jerking.

    so that does make bedtime more interesting.

    I have no idea what this is-- possibilities range from anxiety all the way to brain tumor--so it would be good to find out and know.

    Well anyhow we are rainy too-- which is a shame, with my son here. Weather is much warmer now--but pretty damp.

    All have a good Sunday!
    katmandulou responded:
    Hello FMily - it's so nice to see you all!

    The weather here has been nice, a couple of cold, rainy and windy days, but it's fine. It's 9pm Sunday, and we're anticipating t-storms. As long as the dog is comfy and I get the sleep I need!

    I worked a full week last week, outside the house, and I'm soo tired. I'll love the checks when they get here, I assure you! I'm catching up on a few things I let slide, magazine subscriptions, memberships etc. I'm thinking of splurging on yarn, but I'm still not finished with what I have!

    Is anyone else tired of the pills? I know I am! I have some new pain, the fronts of my shoulders, probably where my biceps attach. I really feel it in yoga class, so I take some Motrin (more pills!). I'm lucky that I have pretty good days (most of my pain is pretty low), but with the pills I'm tired of seeing doctors, too!

    I finally met my nephew's daughter today - it's her 2nd birthday next Sunday, and all I saw were pictures. She's a funny little girl, much smaller than my sister's g-daughter, and I didn't expect her to take to so many strangers. THEN I was told that my nephew and the baby's mother got married on Friday! As long as they're happy and take care of each other - what I wish for them!

    My DH looked out the dining room window this morning and said,"Whats with that tire?" The right front had a bulge! He changed it when we got home, so I can't drive on the highway, so i'll borrow his truck for tomorrow. I'll call the dealer and see what to do. They came with the car, and are still under warranty. There's always something!

    I miss you all! Gotta finish a few things and shut down so I can get my rest. Have the best week you can possibly have. Til we meet again,
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. It is cool here and the wind is cranking up. We have thunderstorms on the way soon and through tomorrow, as well as rain for the next few days. We do need it desperately.

    As you did Mimi, I can feel it in my bones. I woke miserable this morning, like I had a worked my body hard for several hours. It's crazy how greatly it effects me some days. I know it's going to be strong storm.

    I have to leave town with a fellow employee to another mill 5 hours away for business. It should be an easy day and he is driving us. I'm hoping his new Camaro rides decent for me. I don't want to look like a baby.

    I wanted to make sure I got out and moved today so my oldest son and I took a walk along the Lake trails. The wind, fierce as it is, made some beautiful waves. We kept it fairly short but it was nice to have some 1 on 1 time with him. At 12 he is changing so fast. I want to keep up.

    Our Jeep club hosted trail rides went very well yesterday. We had a great time. My brother rode with me and our boys making it a fun guy's day out. He drove us back giving me a break from the somewhat boring 60 mile trip each way to the park.

    I hope you all have a good night, take care everyone.

    BetteK replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Good evening to all of you,

    We had another of those big Sunday meals, but this time it was at 1 instead of in the evening. That works much better, as I am much more energized then. By evening, it feels like someone has pulled my power cord.

    It sounds like most of us have had a fairly good weekend. There was some good there for everyone. We all know that we must plan ahead for energy resourses. We try to save some reserves to do the things we truly want or need to do. Often, we have to pay for it in the days or weeks afterwards. But we are more than willing to do this because we have had some good/great/wonderful time with the people or activities we treasure most.

    Here in SW NY we are entering into a humid cycle with showers in the next few days. Just my nightmare as it is for many of you. I am really pushing my shower time (mornings) and bath time (evenings). It seems to be the only way to ward off major flares.

    Warding off we go!


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