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Fibro and other life hazards
HappyPatty72 posted:
Hi guys!
Just thought I should say things are changing and moving in my life,and things are MUCH BETTER than my last post. Being separated has changed from gloomy to being "independantly owned and operated!" . I'm looking for new work,I found a new man,and theres possibly a new state and two wonderful little boys about to bounce right into my life! WOW! who knew?!
I'm losing weight and getting healthier. I'm enjoying concerts and spending time with my daughter before she takes off to college. I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful summer. Hope all is well with you my friends.
dollbug responded: happy that things are looking up for you. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life, which can be a good thing.

I hope you will remember though to pace, pace and pace even more...since we know just how important this can be for us FMers.

Take care and when you can share what you are doing that has helped you cope better.


BetteK responded:
What an exciting time for you! How wonderful.

I'm with MiMi on this though. It is so very easy to forget that you have a chronic illness when everything is going so great.
Anyone who has weathered this disease for a few years knows that life does have its ups and downs.

Enjoy every minute of this newfound joy, but please remember just how fragile your body can be. It is so easy to stay up talking to your new love when your body should be soaking in a tub and in bed by a reasonable hour.

It is so exciting to be opening a new chapter in your life, but you must still listen to your body. We all know we can distract ourselves from pain during flares. That's wonderful, if we are treating those flares during the distractions. It is also possible to be so wrapped up in life that you don't hear the little warnings that a major flare is coming on--but could be avoided if you are careful, don't get overtired, and budget your time and energy.

We all want you to have a full, vibrant new life. We just want it to be as painless as possible.


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