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An_251173 posted:
Hi All,
I was recently diagnosed with fibro, Osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.I also have 3 herniated disc in my neck. I have been to 2 pain management clinics,and countless MDs for the last 10 years I have had accupucture, PT and countless other places. My question is along with all the usual pain does anyone have really bad pain in their feet so bad you can not walk on them sometimes?

They feel okay for awhile then if I sit down for a bit and then get back up I can hardly walk.
I am just so relieved to finally have a diagnosis now to get my pain and life back in order.
Thanks All
missist responded:
I did for a time--- for me usually I have a pair of something that is messed up. when it was my feet it was insane! What finally seemed to help long term is to get different shoes-- the first time I switched to croc shoes for a while and they did great.

currently I wear asics with an extra arch support. This is one of the few things I've been able to actually 'fix' by making a change.
BetteK responded:
Have you ever seen a photo or model of a foot? There are so many tiny bones supporting ALL of you. All of these bones are surrounded by muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments. Any of these components can cause problems.

It's true that a really good pair of shoes can help. I like my Easy Spirit level 3 support walking shoes. Most of us women, especially in our teens and 20s, put our feet into spike heels with pointy toes. Some very, very thin women have feet shaped like that. Most of us have toes that get squashed in pointy-toed shoes. Then, when you add heels to the mix, you are shifting all the weight of your body onto those poor, squashed toes.

If a good pair of shoes, properly fitted to your feet--both length and width--does not help, you should probably see a podiatrist, a foot doctor. They know how to diagnose and treat these problems.

Hope this helps,

xperky responded:
My feet are like yours. They are my biggest problem lately. I imagine your AS plays a role. I have RA in the feet joints and tendons. Be careful to let them stretch when putting weight on them after sitting or sleeping. I tend to shuffle until they stretch. Lately, the only shoes I wear are running shoes. My feet used to be AAA width and now the Mediums feel tight!

One thing I've found extremely helpful is a bedding spacer plus hanging my feet off a pillow. Still, some nights the Lidoderm patches are the only way to sleep.

I hope you can start dmards for your AS and find some relief. Isn't it a relief to finally find out what's been going on?
With Compassion,
rosielou responded:
Yes I have that where my left foot will be somewhat achy but functional. Then if I sit for awhile (maybe for lunch) and get up, the foot and ankle are locked up tight and suddenly level 8 on pain. Early on it was so unexpected that I fell twice. Now I watch for it and test the ankle, then get up slowly. It only happens about twice a month.

My other foot thing is the soles of my feet are often very tender. I had a pair of those slipper socks with the little rubber dots, and the dots hurt a lot! Good grief I was done in by a pair of slipper socks
An_251173 replied to xperky's response:
Yes It Is Margret i was really starting to think I was losing my mind.I am on a bunch of new meds that seem to be helping some but sometimes I wonder if the side effects are worse then the ailment lol Thanks so much for the reply
Have a wonderful day
An_251173 replied to missist's response:
thanks for the reply. I know what you mean about the insane part.I have bought countless sole inserts and shoes.I am hoping with the new meds I will be able to get back on my feet again.
An_251173 replied to BetteK's response:
Thanks for the reply I have never wore high heels I am a country hick lol I didnt know if maybe it was from the fibro or oa.I have tried different shoes and sneakers plus many inserts. I am hoping the new meds I am on will help
Thanks again
An_251173 replied to rosielou's response:
Thanks for the response
That is exactly what I am talking about.I have to keep changing shoes so i can get a few more minutes of on my feet time It Is so annoying and painful. Yes you have to be careful of the rubber dots the will get you every time lol
Thanks again Rosie
hillbillieswife replied to An_251173's response:
Hi An, I walked like a penguin, they called me happy feet, lol. I have spinal stenosis c1-3 and had c4 and 5 replaced. I also had tarsal tunnel surgery on feet (carpal tunnel in feet) numb and painful. I also had orthotics made by foot dr. Tried all different kinds of shoes and nothing really helped. I broke down and bought a pair of Dansko clogs and couldn't believe the difference, I could walk again. 2 weeks later I bought another pair, now I'm up to 4 pairs of clogs and 2 pairs of sandals. They are pricey but I was buying so many other names/styles and not able to wear them anyway. I even wear them around the house as slippers. Good luck!
rosielou replied to hillbillieswife's response:
Hi Hillbillieswife,

On your advice I bought a pair of those Dansko clogs, and you are right, they're great! Even trying them on in the store I could tell how much better they felt, and the all around support really helps me stay stable. I'll keep watch for sales and get more.

Now I've found an incredible pair of sandals. They're Clark's Sea Breeze, another good brand. They're flip flops but not flimsy, the bottoms are deep and cushy, like a heavy gel foam. The sore and tender soles of my feet are soothed when I step into them, seriously they make my feet feel better! (The piece between your toes is soft fabric and doesn't bother me at all.)

Well anyway, I thought people might want to know about these sandals. They're one of my new pain tools.