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Hair loss
franr posted:
Good Morning

I was wondring is anyone experiencing hair loss. I am not sure if the medications have side effects that cause hair loss. Since this last flare this winter I have notice my hair is more thinner and I am at wits end what to do,Seeing dermatologist in a few weeks. Any answers.I have been on Gralise for 3 months with suceess but the hair loss is getting to me.(medication is in the neurotin family.)

dollbug responded:
Hello Fran.... glad to see your post...MiMi in NC....I have had hair loss issues for a very long time....probably as long as I have had FM. And as you may or may not know....I do not take any prescriptions for it. I think it does have something to do with FM. (only my opinion though). Every time I wash my hair I get too much loss of hair in the drain. I have thick hair but it is not as thick as it use to be. ... I have not understood this I thought one time that it was a thyroid issue.

I also want to add that I no longer have to shave my legs either, like I once did. Actually I do not shave them but probably every 6 weeks or so. Interesting isn't it, just how much things change and sometimes we don't even think about them doing so.

I hope you will share what your dermatologist tells you about this.

Take care.


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