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Hair loss
franr posted:
Good Morning

I was wondring is anyone experiencing hair loss. I am not sure if the medications have side effects that cause hair loss. Since this last flare this winter I have notice my hair is more thinner and I am at wits end what to do,Seeing dermatologist in a few weeks. Any answers.I have been on Gralise for 3 months with suceess but the hair loss is getting to me.(medication is in the neurotin family.)

BetteK responded:


I don't know if any of your meds could contribute to hair loss, but I do know that right around the time I started being really affected by my fibro, I noticed a lot more hair in the drain after my shower. I asked my hairdresser about it, and she said that there was a lot of loss in full-length hair, but that I had a whole lot of new hairs coming in. Then she just floored me with, "I think the new hair is curly, too!"

Well, sort of. There is now a patch bordering where you would part your hair on the left side that is curly. It looks wierd there next to the rest of my baby fine straight hair. I just get perms now, and things even out.

All this happened about the time menopause must have been visiting me. (It's harder to tell since I had a hysterectomy at 35.) So there I was, battling a lot of fibro issues, sweating all the time, getting even less sleep than normal, and losing 1/3 or so of my normal-lenght hair. Not a pretty sight.

What did I do? I got a shorter, permed style. (Comb it after the shower, and you're good all day.) I joined a weight-loss group and started walking to Pizza Hut's salad bar every day for lunch--sticking to salad with vinegar and oil dressing and none of the hi-cal extras. I arranged my classes (lucky me) so that I did all my next-county ones on two days a week with a day nearer home in between. I taught my sons how to load the dishwasher after dinner, and convinced my hubby that if he wanted "real" spuds for dinner HE would peel them before I got home from work. And I found the best fibro neurologist in 100 miles.

As I said, lucky me.


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