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Hair loss
franr posted:
Good Morning

I was wondring is anyone experiencing hair loss. I am not sure if the medications have side effects that cause hair loss. Since this last flare this winter I have notice my hair is more thinner and I am at wits end what to do,Seeing dermatologist in a few weeks. Any answers.I have been on Gralise for 3 months with suceess but the hair loss is getting to me.(medication is in the neurotin family.)

Anon_408 responded:
Possibly meds could, but stress could be a cause, and also, first thing came to my mind was Thyroid problems, that can cause hair loss.
missist replied to Anon_408's response:
I lost a lot of my hair the past 10 years or so.. but.. I don't think it is due to fibro. I have seem women in my family with very thin hair--my grandma on dad's side & my mom.
so I guess I assume its genetic. not all the women have it, I got 'lucky'. Could be worse--my cousin lost her's by age 30 and always wears wigs.
Mortisha responded:

I have had fibro since 1996, I had a beautiful thick head of hair, and now throughout the years it's all but gone. I don't think it is necessarily the medications, but it could be, the reason I say this is because I have been on every drug available to NO avail. The most recent advice I received from my psych was that stress can make you loose your hair or a vitamin deficiency. Physicians don't really have much to say. I hate myself every time I look into the mirror, I have also lost all but a few teeth and I take good care of them. The dentist said I had dry mouth and they break off, now I have to go get all of them pulled. My nails are brittle I cannot grow long nails any longer, so I am thinking this is somehow related to Fibro. Your not alone. Sandy
Mortisha replied to missist's response:
I don't know what my hair loss is from none of my relatives have lost their, it could be hormones now that I think of it. I had a hysterectomy at age 19 and I could not take hormone replacement. The thyroid answer could be true as well. My mom is hypo and takes thyroxin.
Mortisha replied to Anon_408's response:
That is a possibility and I will check it out. Thanks
Mortisha responded:
I have a lot of hair loss without taking too many medications, I am not sure what causes it but, better to see a doctor in case there is underlying issues. I have to wear wigs now since it has gotten so bad. Stress can cause hair loss too, and God knows how much stress Fibro causes. Hope you find your answers I haven't found one yet.
franr replied to Mortisha's response:
Hi All
I just saw a Dermatologist this passed week. He believes my hair loss was due the stress I went through this past winter with the terrible fibro flare that I endured during this period.He said sometimesit takes 2-6 months for hair to regrow.I might have a inherited predisposition to this hair loss.So we will see . In the meantime I am seeing a hair clinic specialist to help me with self improvement. Thanks everyone.

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