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Mono and FM link
Cosmogirl24 posted:
I had severe mono when I was 17 (1979) and almost died. My liver stopped working and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and months recovering Also got strep, hepatitis jaundice and an enlarged spleen. I too have suffered from fibromyalgia symptoms for almost 20 years and it's gotten progressively worse. Fatigue as well but I push myself each and every day. Ive tried cymbalta which helped the pain immensely but my blood pressure skyrocketed which I do not normally have any problems. Have tried savella which I didn't like at all. Tried lyrica and no help just extreme tiredness I'm taking prednisone for a flare up right now and have a nerve block scheduled for next week to help with lower back and sciatica pain that goes to my right leg. I can't help but wonder too if the mono was the start of these problems!!!! Especially with a severe case of mono like i had. Ive never felt 100% since that time I just want to feel better and lead a healthy active life!!! Hoping to get some relief!!!
dollbug responded:
Hello cosmogirl and welcome. MiMi in NC...and it is too darn early to be up and about. (not by choice though)

Sorry that you are dealing with so much. I think we can all relate to what you are dealing with. Perhaps there is a link of the mono and your FM. I think we all have something which causes the wrath of the dragon, aka FM, to rear its ugly head at us and decide to join our body. I had carpal tunnel which started my FM. I had surgery on my left hand and was in a cast for over 9 weeks trying to recover from all of the work that the surgeon did on my hand. I remember that I woke up and thought that I was getting the flu and I never completely recovered from what happened to my body. I also now have the chronic fatigue as well and the fatigue is actually worse than my FM pain. I have learned how to *control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well. It took me a long time though to find the right combination of things that allows this. I also tried different kinds of medicines in the beginning trying to find something that would ease my pain. I was not able to do this with anything. Most of the medicines I took caused other side effects and I did not need anything else to deal with.

I do hope you will check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* I am sure you will find some good *tools* that perhaps might help you cope better.

Have you had your Vitamin D level checked yet? If not then I would encourage you to speak to your doctor about getting it tested....low Vitamin D can cause some people to have a higher pain level and it can also affect other illnesses as well. It is a simple blood test but you MUST ASK the doctor to check it as it is not included in the *normal bloodwork that the doctors do.

Do you also use your heating pad for your lower back pain? I know that I, too, have had major problems with lower back pain and the only thing I found that helped it would be a heating pad. I also use Stopain Spray after my shower each day. (it is good stuff, found at walmart for just under $

I would encourage you to be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources*.....and be sure and read the *member toolbox* as well. I am sure you will find some good tools to try that perhaps you have not thought of.

Take care and good luck.


foreversore responded:
There is still a lot of debate as to the cause of FM. Some say the Epstein-Barr virus (the virus that causes mono) is a trigger and that around 80% of the population will test positive for the virus. Some say that physical and/or emotional trauma of some sort will bring FM on. About the only thing that they all seem to agree on is that those of us with FM have a dysfunction of the nervous system of some sort and that injury/illness/trauma triggers that dysfunction.

For me, personally I think a bout with Scarlet Fever at age 5 started this mess. After that I was a sickly child that caught every bug that was going around and even when well I never had the energy and stamina that other kids had. And with each physical trauma I have endured (car accidents, surgeries, child birth, etc) my symptoms have worsened with each event. Even though I was never diagnosed as having mono (it could have hidden behind one of my other illnesses) I do test positive for the virus. I also have pernicious anemia being deficient in vitamins D and B12 which seems to be common in fibro patients.

Hopefully, with further research they will have a better idea of what causes this so they can try to prevent if not cure this disastrous disease!
Cosmogirl24 replied to dollbug's response:
Thank you for the info!!! I will have the dr check my vitamin D count son r I'm getting bloodworm next week. Have a great holiday weekend!!!!
Cosmogirl24 replied to foreversore's response:
Thanks for responding. I too had an injury in 1995 where I fell and broke my patella. 5 surgeries later over 3 years I have no patella. The muscles were just pulled together and tied. I used a leg brace for years but I walk fairly normal and if you didn't know about my injury you wouldn't be able to tell. I have limitations ( I can't run) and I have very little strength in that leg plus it doesn't help my back problem. But I do know my pain got worse after that accident.

I also had a motorcycle accident last fall which I was very lucky to on have fractured my orbital bone. I face planted and flipped they the air before face planting again. For about a week my fm pain was do much better but then it flared even more over the past several months. The dr attributed the lack of pain at first to the increase of adrenaline etc that were released because of the accident.

So I think you may be right in the triggers being multiple traumas on our body. Today was a much better day as I have had 2 doses if prednisone since yesterday. At least I will have some reprieve for the king holiday weekend.

Take care and thanks again.
missist replied to Cosmogirl24's response:
My childhood was much like what foreversore describes --except that I had mono an many bouts of strep throat and then finally rheumatic fever with some heart damage when i was about 8 or9. I was that skinny, pale kid with the dark circles all my childhood.

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