Celexa SSRI Withdrawal..
missist posted:
I had thought that the weird nightly episodes I was having were due to gabapentin--but... I think it may have actually been withdrawal from Celexa--an SSRI. I tried it but was not liking it--but the thing is--I had tried this before about a year ago.

I think-- the weird zappy jolt I was getting and the strange waves of numbness-- which I had about a year ago and again just recently--

Might actually have been from the same drug both times--just was reading an article about this as I found someone else who had the same symptoms and fibro, posted in a forum and figured out that it was likely her problem--she had forgotten to get her RX refilled due to a lot of stress.

Anyhow--it makes sense cuz then it would be the same situation both times.

I didn't like that drug a year ago & yet I did try it again this time, but after several weeks I switched to nortryptilene which seems better for me.

so... the jolts and numming was worse at first and slowly better-- and I think it had run its course.

I'm gonna try the gabapentin again and see if anything happens. Cuz--
I'm getting more pain with out it and if it is ok, I want to use it.

Also-- maybe re think the neurologist. we shall see..
1wareaglefan responded:
Hey, Mary...I take celexa, and I was a few hours late taking it one day, and I had withdrawal too! I love it, but I learned right quick that I can't go without it. With any of the antidepressants, we have to very slowly wean off them.

I hope the gaba helps you!

Take care,