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Cory ****
dollbug posted:
Hello Cory....MiMi in NC....I wanted to make sure you read this. Saturday I provided a link to Morton's toe. I hope you will take a few minutes to read it. I wanted to tell you since I know you have had back pain and now you are saying your wrist is also giving you problems.

My DD heard one of the local doctors talk about people who can NOT process Vitamin B 6 and she told me that I needed to do some research on this. She could not believe what the doctor was saying about it. She said that it sounded just like what I am dealing with.

Anyway....a few weeks ago I hd to go to the vitamin store to pick up some of my Magnesium Malate and was speaking to the young man who runs the place. I then decided to give the P5P a go....not really thinking that I would/could tell a difference right away.

So I have not been on this but a few weeks now and I can hardly believe it myself. I have been using a heat pad now from months due to low back pain. Soon after I started the P5P my back pain went away.

As I was researching this I also found that our *feet* have a lot to do with our health issues. Anyway I also found out that kidney stones can be caused from the body not being able to process the normal Vitamin B 6. I happen to know that I do have kidney stones in both kidneys. In fact I truly thought that this was why I was having my lower back pain. Another problem is carpal tunnel and just how this also affects it as well.

So I am passing this info for others to see. It is a really interesting link. I also find it interesting that I think my *morton's toes (I have it on both feet) has also had a very slight change.

I have been to a foot doctor about my feet and was told that surgery was my only option and that sooner or later I would need surgery on both feet. I sometimes just wonder IF doctors actually know what to do with a lot of people with odd health issues.

Take care and I hope you will find something that will soon help you also.

Now if only I could find something to help the chronic fatigue.


mnjeepguy responded:
I saw the link but have to read it yet. I will make sure I do! Thanks.

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