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Unnecessary surgery anyone?
BetteK posted:

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Has anyone else but me ever had a surgery that, looking back, was probably unnecessary because the problem was really your fibromyalgia?
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debrabrooks1960 responded:
Good question BettyK. I have not had unnecessary sugery yet. But I do have problems that could lead to surgery that I know FM makes worse. You have given me something to think about. I know I decided at times when I am in a lot of pain if an ER would help me. Then I decided it is FM and the ER would only think I was just a drug seeker, so I do not go. So I deal with the pain with hot showers and a muscle relaxer. Thanks again for your input. It is really appreciated.

Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
dollbug responded:
Hello BetteK. I am assuming that you are saying that a person has surgery and the surgery did NOT make any difference in how they felt, after the recovery.

Honestly, I have had lots of surgeries and can not say that once I recovered that I felt either the same or perhaps worse than I did before the surgery. Now, with saying this, I also know that after my carpal tunnel surgeries....(which I have had 5) I continued to have pain UNTIL I fell outside and broke my wrists. (not at the same time though) I do think that FM does affect how we cope and recover. And I still do not quite understand why me breaking my wrists had anything to do with my pain....other than the fact the doctor had to put *plates and pins* in them to repair them. So I think that there was some sort of *connection* there which caused the majority of my pain and each time the carpal tunnel surgery was done the surgeon was unable to *see* what this was. My broken wrist surgery allowed the surgeon to open up the wrist so he had a larger and perhaps better view of what was going on in the wrist and what actually needed to be repaired. My pain never stopped though until this took place and healed. (which took a long time to heal)

I have also had other surgeries as well....and can say that each time I improved after recovery....although it took me longer (I think) to recover from the surgery due to the FM.

So, I do have to you think you have had unnecessary surgery?


BetteK replied to dollbug's response:

I'm not sure. I was 35 when I had a hysterectomy for heavy bleeding and severe cramping. (I didn't recognize back labor because it was less painful than my cramps.) It was nice to deal with less of the bleeding, but the cramps didn't get much better for all that cutting.

I had my gall bladder out back in the 70's when it meant an incision covering all the open areas between the two parts of a bikini. The severe pains left, but I had not had any infection or other symptoms with my gallstones. There were pain meds that could have eased things. There were none of today's stone-disolving meds.

I had an electronic nerve stimulator implanted in 2011. The trial one (that was done with the battery pack and lead wires outside my body but the electrodes in the spine) gave me relief from spinal arthritis at the waist line. The permanent implant (with everything inside my back) does not do anything for that area. It starts about 2 inches too low and goes all the way to my toes.

Was I right to have these surgeries? I don't know. I only know that when you have fibro pain all the time, sometimes a new pain is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I also know that any of us would grasp at any chance to rid us of our worst fibro pain--the way my temporary stimulator did.

At the time of each surgery, I just felt that here was some pain that could be alleviated. Sometimes the surgery worked. Sometimes it did not. But I was willing to take the chance each time. Grasping at straws? Who knows.

rudyandirmouse responded:
Great question. I'm not sure i've seem this one here on the board before. And as for me, I don't think I have had any surgery that I didn't need and didn't get better from.

But I wonder if I had to have those, and I did, because I have fm? I have had knee, elbow and shoulder surgeries over the years. Cataract and bowel recconstruction because of a tie off. So all needed, but all those with the joints, hummmm? Fm caused perhaps?

Gentle hugs, Linda R

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