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missshortyd posted:
Good evening
I also love to play in my garden and my daughter too, but what ever I put in her yard something eats the hole plant including the roots.
I put down critter ridder but nothing helps any suggestions ?

missist responded:
I had some peppers disappear that way--but the hot ones didn't. so I planted more hot ones between them.

I think the problem was a ground hog.

this morning I was scratching my head over a couple of clematis plants I had dug up. I had them in a pot with some damp mulch so I could move them today, but when I went to do that they were missing.

I think the culprit might be my chihuahua Paco. Not sure what to put down for that.
angelswife responded:
It could be any number of things...are there any pieces of the plants left, or are they pulled out of the holes and taken away? If the latter, I would look to critters of the two-legged variety. Not many animals eat the roots and the tops.
BetteK responded:

Several years ago, we planted a clump of white birch in the center of our front yard to eventually replace an old tree that had finally died. We mulched with sawdust and wood shavings from a local sawmill. Weeks later we found that the mulch contained the biggest, black ants anyone had ever seen. They ate bark, trunks, leaves, and roots. It took longer than you are experiencing, but our birches were probably bigger than your transplants.

Check your soil. There could be critters with 6 legs too.

missshortyd replied to angelswife's response:
Yes most times the whole plant is gone just a hole left. We live in the city if that helps.
Thanks everyone for you input

Linda : -)
missist replied to missshortyd's response:
Article about gardening as exercise.
missshortyd replied to missist's response:
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

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