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    How Stiff are you Really?
    missist posted:
    Usually I read about 'morning stiffness' to do with fibromyalgia.
    I don't think that even begins to touch on it.

    Actually I think the morning stiffness is easier to deal with than the stiffness later in the day after doing anything or sitting.

    How stiff are you?

    Have you ever found any way to not be stiff?
    dollbug responded:
    Hello again Mary. MiMi in NC....I use to hurt all over when I was sleeping in a bed. In 2005 I had to have my first left hand carpal tunnel surgery....which turned out worse than what it was meant to be. I also had a cyst which had to be removed and it was so deep that the surgeon had to take bone from my wrist and put into the place where he had removed the cyst. He ended up putting 2 pins in my wrist to hold the bones together so that they would heal. This was on top of the carpal tunnel surgery that he also did. Well, I ended up having a big cast on my left hand for over 2 months or so. He did not want me to sleep in a bed until the pins were removed so I ended up sleeping in my recliner and quite by accident I found out that sleeping in the recliner actually lessen my FM pain. I ended up putting pillows which surrounded me so that I would not roll over on my wrist. Up until this point I was sleeping in a bed on a Sterns and Foster mattress which I loved but I woke up in the mornings very stiff and felt like I was 90 years old.

    So....this is when I found out just how much pain I had when I slept in the bed. I had lots of back issues which actually all but went away during the time I was sleeping in the recliner. After a while I tried to sleep again in the bed and found that when I laid down that I was unable to breathe. Still do not know why. I did do a sleep study to see if I had any sleep issues and at the time I was not sleep much at all anyway.

    Well, this is 2013 and I am still unable to sleep in a bed. I do try on occasion to do so but the overall body that I had is not worth it and I can only sleep 3 - 4 hours tops when I wake up due to the pain. So as far as I am concerned it is not worth my effort to do so.

    I have had a couple of CatNapper recliners which in my own opinion can NOT be beat. I no longer have major body aches but I do have some stiffness.

    I have to use a pillow behind my back at all times still. I can not sit on anything really hard. Even at my computer I sit on a gel pillow and my back does not touch the back of the chair.

    I think everything is indeed a process with dealing with this ugly illness each and every day.

    Taking a hot shower at night helps my muscles to relax so that I can rest better.

    Take care.


    1wareaglefan responded:
    I'm pretty stiff, too. And I think I agree with you that sometimes, if I've overdone an activity or sat for an extended period of time, my stiffness is much worse. The only thing that I've found to help is to try NOT to overdo and to get up more often. I do the best I can.
    BetteK responded:

    Mine began with late pregnancy backache in 1972, and that is still my main problem. Some mornings, my pain is almost not there until I stand. As soon as I stand, it is level 3. If I have to stand for more than 5 minutes, then the pain level shoots up to 7 or even 8. The last minute rush to get a big meal on the table (get meat from oven, drain and mash potatoes, make gravy, nuke veggies, slice meat, dress salad, throw it all on the table you set earlier in the day) is a guaranteed level 8 since it's a solid 20 minutes.

    Other symptoms like irritable bowel, migranes, neck pain, wrist and arm pain, leg pain, hip pain, etc. Come and go with no apparent reasoning or cause.

    Once the back really gets started, I get no relief from sitting. I have to lie down on my adjustable air bed. (Mine is set so that no matter what my position I do not touch the bottom/ frame. Other than that it is very soft and molds to my body no matter whether I'm on my side or back.)

    Sometimes a little Flexeril will help stop the pain I get from standing too long. Sometimes it won't. Normal pain medications didn't help at all, not even the fentanyl patches or oxytontin.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    missist replied to BetteK's response:
    my back hasn't been a pain problem in years.. but was in my 20s. my stiffness/pain is more neck/shoulder/arms..hands,. fingers.
    hips, butt, legs. down to ankles & feet
    so pretty much everything else.

    I just think when I say to a doctor i have stiffness--they really don't know what that means.

    But I'm not sure they can help anyhow.

    It is a matter of pacing and resting and I guess that's just life.
    I sometimes think I"m not getting much pain relief--but then if I just miss a dose or two--I realize it is helping-- just not enough. don't think enough will happen anyhow.
    BetteK replied to missist's response:

    That's why they give us a cocktail of meds. If you took enough to one to do the job, it would be toxic. Much milder doses of several different medications can do the trick for some of us. And be worthless for others.

    If you haven't been on a muscle relaxant yet. It is something that seems to help on bodywide tense muscles. There are some that are generic (cheap!) too. If you get any, try them on a day when there is nothing you have to do and nowhere you have to go. Better yet, try it at bedtime for a good night's sleep.

    Just a thought.

    missist replied to BetteK's response:
    Thanks, I haven't used one in many years.. perhaps that would help.
    mayville responded:
    I so agree with you! Yes, I'm stiff in the a.m., but after walking to the bathroom, turning on the coffee, etc., it's o.k. It's hard when I do cleaning or something like that, laundry, etc. then sit, that I feel bad. A hot shower helps some, but not a bath...I can't get in or out of the tub. If I could have a hot tub, it might help, but I only feel good when the heat is on. When I get out of the shower, hot tub, or turn the heating pad off, then I'm very stiff and sore all over again. So, when all is said and done, I guess I'm not a very big help, sorry. If you find something that helps, let me know.

    missist replied to mayville's response:
    ah yes that hot tub in the sky.. wish those would start raining down on us all. I have a bit of fun getting out of my tub too-- makes me feel pretty humble. LOL
    pjzieski replied to missist's response:
    I am lucky enough to have a hot tub and it really helps. I use it all year long ( we live in Illinois..burrr) daily sometimes a couple times a day, it is a godsend. If there is any way to swing getting one, do, you will not be sorry, worth every cent. The cost is about the same as a fancy mattress and the upkeep is minimal.
    booch007 responded:
    Morning Missist,
    I too am 90 in the morning get younger as the day goes on and older by afternoon. I am my best at 11 a.m.!

    There are times my neck is **glass** the muscles burn and stab with any movement or just the balance act of holding my head no oil to lubricate them. That is a bad takes alot of tools from the box to reset that.

    I use Soma which is a muscle relaxant that is two for one. It becomes a sedative before a relaxant and is useful for me to sleep and helpful for the mornings. I have been on it for years now so I am not sure the benefit it has, but I would fear cutting it back. I use Savella 12.5 and Tramadol 37.5-75 (1-2 tabs) for pain issues. Then a gazillion supplements. Magnesium being a helper too. CoQ10 . It is a balance act and some days no matter what I do, if the line was crossed I am in abad place.

    We learn that everyday has this pain in it, just lower it a bit please so I can move around and have a bit of a life.....

    I have to say for me, Savella has brought me back to the living and gave me an 8 hour wellness window. That added to the array of distraction I day is full til afternoon when I nap or just collapse to a couch with head support.

    Here is hoping you get your mixture together and get to the best you can be. I too use the recliner when in trouble..did for years and then since trigger point injections I can sleep in bed again. I also saw that sleeping on the couch gave me a great start to the day. (My Mom always slept on the couch* said it helped her back and pains....I have such a deep feeling she had this too).

    Goos luck and hope that the mornings get better for all of us. Nancy B
    missist replied to booch007's response:
    I know my mom had this. She used a bed that went up and down like a hospital bed after my dad died she bought one. she had a fall and broke shoulder and ankle very badly so she got this bed with some insurance money she collected. She was always either in that bed or a recliner.

    Mom also had bad arthritis especially of the spine and osteo porosis--so her spine pretty much crumbled. She started getting dizzy and falling and had to get shots for her knees and her back. finally she had a time where she just did not move around and one day came out of her depression to go to my sisters house and she died in the car on the way there. We think it was sitting so much and all the meds she was on, she had an embolism.

    Well that's making a short story long isn't it?

    anyhow I know I have deg. disc like she did, I don't think the osteoporosis--she had a hysterectomy at about 30 so I think that may have been the kicker for that.
    Hope I don't crumple like she did-- but I think many of the pieces are already in place. She was 69 just before her birthday.Sad.

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