Thursday *****5/30/2013*****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily....MiMi in NC....where it is going to be another hot say. It is interesting as this is the end of May and it feels like summer. Do not know exactly where spring time went. Every morning I wake up and have to take an allergy pill first thing or my eyes can not stand it. No rain anyway which is ok with me although I guess we really need it. I was outside yesterday some and I guess that did not help my situation at all. I also sat out for a bit with my GS on the deck last evening. Preschool is out and schools will soon be out for the year. I think 9 more days and for whatever reason the last day is very strange.

Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for all of us with little to no pain.

With summer soon arriving and vacations being planned does anyone have any big plans to travel this year? So much going on with my DD that I do not think we will be going too far. I do have some outside projects that I hope to get accomplished. So I guess this will be what we will do. My DH and I had thought that we might do a lighthouse vacation and visit all of them in NC. But too many court dates have been scheduled. Yesterday the dates were just continued. So I have no idea when all of this nonsense will end.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. Learn all you can about dealing with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM. You can start right here by reviewing the *tips* and *resources* sections....and be sure and read the *member toolbox* which will provide some things that perhaps you have not thought of trying.

Everything is a process in learning how to cope and since we are all different what helps one may or may not help another....only you will know when you have found something that has helped you live better. I think we all strive to have somewhat a *normal, less pain life*.

Vitamin D....with nice weather here it is time to enjoy some natural Vitamin D....without sunscreen. Be careful though as over the week-end I ended up and did some bending and was able to get a burnt strip across my lower back area. It is about 2 in wide. OMG....I can not even believe that I did this. Nothing more.

That's all.

Remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


rudyandirmouse responded:
Good morning MiMi and Fmily. I do hope this day is going well for you and that it will be one that does not having you dealing with fibro issues or pain. Allergies well I hope you're not dealing with those either, but OMG I sure am

I had a thought yesterday that maybe it's in the air that's coming from the states where the tornando's were. Maybe stuff is in the air from there that is making me so misurable? I say this because I just can't get over how much my allergies are acting up. The heat perhaps?

Speaking of heat it's going into the 90's today. Sun and more sun. I waited all winter and winter-spring for today. The cold, drearry days of January and February are all forgotten with days like today. Doors open, birds singing, colors and sunshine.. Yippee I'm in my glories.

MiMi, sorry you too are dealing with allergies. I have to take my meds for it before my feet hit the floor in the a.m. or I'm going be sorry. I have had to use my inhailer for my asthma too. First time in a couple of years I've needed to do that as well in the a.m. I got up this a.m. and looked in the mirro and my eyes were bloodshot. I hope this is a pattern that will pass away quickly as I look terrible with blood shot eyes.

And, again, I am so sorry about all the leagal issues you DD is having to deal with. Just not fair at all. I know the stress from it is not good for any of you. I keep you and her in my nightly prayers and hope that his jerk ex cop gets his and has to repay you DD and her DH all their lawyer's fees. Also some time in jail would be a good thing for him!

As for things this summer. DH and I are heading to NC at the end of the month for a long weekend by the beach. We're taking my GS back to Norbert and then plan to stay on to get in beach time. Yippee. At summer's end DH and I are heading to Hawaii with BIL and his wife. Am really looking forward to time in California on the other side of that trip.

DH is home today so most likely we'll head out to run errands later. He did his yard stuff last night, mowed, etc. so not a lot of out of door things to do this day. We still don't have " our " hummingbirds back yet. I have the feeders up with fresh water and ' juice' for them. I keep thinking any afternoon now I'll see them on the back porch. I do believe their coming later each season because of the weather changes going on. They used to be here by Mother's Day, now it's the end of May and I'm still not seeing them.

Okay, will close this here. Wishing each of you a good day.
Gentle hugs, LInda R
BetteK responded:
Sometimes I just don''t understand men. Son took a day off yesterday (use it or lose it) so he and hubby went to visit some friends of ours a little over an hour away. Fine, dandy.
Hubby is a major talker. They stayed late and got home at almost 11 last night. Son does work today and climbs into his truck at 6:15 in morning. What was my otherwise sane hubby thinking?

Our son works as a groundskeeper. This time of year that means that he will be out in the hot sun mowing, trimming, weeding, etc. for 8 hours on about 5 hours of sleep. Just because someone couldn't close his mouth and come home.

MiMi, just as your son's troubles have straightened out a bit, so will your dauther's. And the end will be worth it. You will have put that vengeful creep behind you all. It is great that a judge has finally begun to see the light about this horrible man. Things will get better. You will see the last of courtrooms. Your daughter will be free. In the meantime, please remind her to be on her guard at all times. These people can get nasty when they think they are losing. Keep safe until the day this nightmare is finally over.

Linda, wow! You certainly have a wonderful summer lined up.
It sounds like a lot, a good lot, but a lot. From here, it seems like an incredible time. It also sounds like an incredible amount of energy you will expend in "extras" like packing, driving on unfamiliar roads, socializing with those you love, and just the idea of not being in your own bed. Enjoy every minute, but pace yourself wisely. Listen to your body. Know when you must sit or lie down. We all know that this is the only way to ward off a flare.

It will be hot and humid here today, too. This is definitely not my kind of weather. The fibro seems to flourish in it though.
There's nothing like a hot, sticky night of tossing and turning to guarantee a day full of woes.

At least it's beautiful right now. Blue skies. Air washed clean by yesterday's rain. Birds chittering away at each other. I think I'll see how far my knees will let me walk on this glorious morning.

booch007 responded:
hey fmily,

I didn't read any of the notes above me, just came to spill a big puddle on a page. Unload my heart and maybe leave here breathing a bit better.

I just gave a "good" talk to my son and DIL over the new baby to come. It seems something is going wrong in there....while she is being made.

My DIL has a thing called Fragile X syndrome as a carrier and it causes autism, retardation, facial abnormalities and a few other things. More severe if this was a boy and not a girl as my son gave an X chromasome as well.

So I am uplifted that there is a chance of OK in this. They see a geneticist tomorrow"right away"...the MD planned a amnio for Monday BUT I am not for that and have shared with them my feelings, even though it is their decision. Why do an amnio....what will it change, how will it be different ?

I just felt....wait to meet this little girl and what ever God gave us all we have to hold and love. There are risks to amnio's and for me will it change this pregnancy? NO. My DIL will not abort and I am so glad to hear her say that.

My reading of Fragile X is so very anything is possible.

It is hard to carry everyones emotions here and be strong and say that I really believe it is all OK. I asked them to ask the geneticist (sp?) everything they could think of. For Ashley not to be in a negative place. These dang doctors go looking for everything now....they scare the crap out of the girls. My other DIL had hyperhydramniosis (too much water in the amnio sac) a sign of Downs syndrome...and she worried the whole pregnancy. Madelyn is perfect!!

Oh I could just cry........I could just cry............

Thanks for listening, I know in my heart this is all going to be OK....and my poor son and DIL will have a beautiful, precious little girl in September. God doesn't make mistakes and we will love this litttle girl no matter what...........Nancy B
BetteK replied to booch007's response:
Oh, Nancy,

What a mess. This should be a time of such happy expectancies. The amnio is supposed to give them some warning of what to expect in their little girl. It could also give them the option of termination and a chance to try again. What a choice to have to make!

That child is already a part of them. But she could be a part they would have to care for heroicly for the rest of their lives. Not every set of parents is able to do this. Not every set of parents should do this.

Every scientific advance carries a new area of moral quandry. In China, with its one child prohibition, couples terminated their daughters. Some Jewish couples, already raising one cerebral palsy child, have terminated because they could not bear this second burden.

Having knowledge is a two-edged sword. It cuts no matter where it swings.

This is an unbearable heartache. Cry in the shower, if it will help. And it just might.

dollbug replied to booch007's response:
OMG*****Nana sorry to hear that there is so much going on with this precious little one.

I do hope and pray that things will work out for the best and this little one will be born healthy. The doctors are so advanced these days and know so much of what is going on.....but I can not help but think that perhaps they are not accurate on everything.

You are indeed right.....about the test will not change anything that is going to be.

I hope that the new will be good for all stress is not good for anyone.

Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

May GOD provide this family with comfort and strength during this trying time.

Take care. Please keep us you know we all care.....after all, we are FMily.



mnjeepguy responded:
Nancy, sounds terribly stressful. My DN,( dear niece), was born mentally normal. She did have a cleft pallet, webbed hand, the other hand missing fingers, and missing one eye lid. It has been a long road for their family. They have made several trips to the twin cities f or surgeries and check-ups. My sister does not work so she can give her full time care. She is an amazing child with an equally amazing mom. She is incredibly bright. We don't know what caused it. Possibly a gene or possibly something my sister took for depression, we don't look back. Nobody really talks about how or why. The point is, it is scary, the unknown. What can come from it might be a tremendous challenge, maybe not. Either way, try not to worry too much.

Mimi, I wish summer would get here, we are still lodged in spring someplace. There is heavy fog in the bay ever since I was done with work at 5. We planted sunflowers and a tomato plant in a small patch along the fence. The poor tomato plant made it two days and died. To cold I think.

Today was our long day at work due to the holiday. It went well and I was home by 5, so 10.5 hrs. It did kick my butt something fierce. I got home and took my boots off. After doing so I couldn't put an pressure on my right foot. The arch is ridiculously tender. At least I get variety, LoL. Time to relax and hope I get done at noon tomorrow when my hrs are in.

I hope you all have a great night. Take care everyone.

missist replied to booch007's response:
gosh.. I will pray for your DIL and the little one. When my daughter was pregnant with her little girl she went to ER and they did an ultrasound and told she was miscarrying! not true.

anyhow you are so right--this is in God's hands and Drs don't know everything--and what if there is a problem?
Just means that your kids were selected to be parents to someone who needs extra special parents to love and support them.

And a special Granny.

God Bless!
missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
hi all.. so many things going on!
Will be praying.

I got my papers from the neurologist today my appointment is end of next month. I didn't even look at them.

I'm about80% sure they won't find much--but then something happens like I notice my foot dragging a little.. dumb things.

so I guess I will go, but not sure its going to be useful or not.

Well I have plenty to do anyhow, my oldest son & his family are coming to visit in a week and I have not even met his baby boy yet! and haven't seen the little girl for almost 2 years! which is crazy. they are thinking of relocating nearer us--that would be so good. We shall see..

So I've been trying to get my yard done this week so I can work inside next week. I don't know.. I will probably not get all I want but I'm making some headway.

Got distracted today cuz I needed to drive back to where I had lunch half an hour away--cuz I lost my credit card-- they had it. Last week I left my purse behind. This kind of stuff hasn't happened for several years so I'm kind of bummed I've gone back to that again.

Ah well.

Also i went and paid for a new 2nd hand washer & dryer to be delivered tomorrow and came home and the washer actually worked this time I tried it. .. hmmm.

there must be gremlins following me around.

well I guess that's just the way things are sometimes.

Will be praying for those in need of prayer!
BetteK replied to missist's response:

Girl, you just have to read Dr. Devin Starlanyl's books, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain (book I or book II). She gives an exhaustive list of FM symptoms (some of which she has). Fouling up electronic gadgets is one of the symptoms, believe it or not! So is this type of fibrofog.

It's great that your purse and your credit card were there when you went back--both times. And think of it this way: you now have a spare washer for if and when the old one goes to that big laudromat in the sky.

missist replied to BetteK's response:
Hi Bettek--thanks for book tip--I will look into those next pay check-- this 1/2 of the month we have so much going on I can't really squeeze out cash for a book. crazy. Mary