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About Celebrex
BetteK posted:
If your FM began a while ago, you probably home-treated yourself with aspirin or ibupropin for a while before you were prescribed more fibro-specific medications.

If so, you may have primed your stomach for ulcers and other unpleasant effects. Celebrex is an NSAID too. It's supposed to be gentler on the stomach than the others, but it still can irritate your mucous membranes--like the lining of your esophagus and stomach.

That's why you don't do well on Celebrex now.


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missist responded:
I could never take ibuprofen for more than a day or two. I was taking aleeve without any problem for a couple years but I was using 2 twice a day and my doctor at the time offered celebrex as she thought it would be less dangerous than 4 aleeve a day. My new dr. says that's nonsense and doubled my celebrex to 1 twice a day.

It helps a lot, but I do have to watch out for heartburn. I don't think that was a problem with aleeve.

I guess I think I must have some inflammation cuz it does help-- although my blood work says no. I can sometimes see and feel the puffiness in sore areas--get a hard lump behind my neck, one of my ankles swells and I get swollen in my knuckles and wrists--so I know there's inflammation.

Anyhow I guess I don't have many options--I figure eventually I won't be able to use Nsaids and then what?

sort of bleak. I try to not think about it.
missist replied to missist's response:
What is a more fibro specific pain remedy for fibro? The only things drs have mentioned to me are gabapentin & anti depressants.
Alisabusybee replied to missist's response:
Yeah on on that for the second time. First a high dose from my rheumotologist in Carolina. Now that I'm in FL I am going to a pain mgmt specialist and he has restarted me on it 3 times a day at a lower dose. All it seems to do for me is give me a dryer than dry throat which causes me to wake at night to drink my bedside glass of water. Good luck I hope it works for you. I tell you honestly, nothing totally works. I've been on almost everything there is from NSaids to narcs.

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