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Fibromyalgia is not a "Women's Disease"
BetteK posted:
You guys are truly a part of this group! Although it may not seem that way when we girls discuss the fight to find a comfortable bra.

Maybe you have to share the best way to by a comfortable j*ck strap!
This must be a problem for you guys.

The point is that we are very sensitive to the world around us. This is especially true of out reactions to the world around us. I wear PJ's most of the time, because I need my legs covered by a more or less stationary object--not just a sheet that stays still while the legs are moving. When I get my nerve blocs or trigger points, I can't stant the elastic at my waist where the shots were, so I wear nightgowns and sleep shirts, leaving my waist untouched.

If you have made adjustments in your vehicles, found a truly comfortable chair (Did you notice, some women sleep in recliners? Do you guys, too), or made the commute to work less stressful?
I drove 2 miles further on country roads rather than the state highways. (I called it my drive through the park.) It gave me a chance to see some beautiful scenery on the way too and from work instead of the strip mall and gas station in town.

All of us, male or female are making adjustments to our daily lifes.
Sometimes these are almost emergency solutions. Othertimes we get to enjoy planning new ways to make life fun again.

Try that game on for size!


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