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Sleep help
1wareaglefan posted:
Good morning, All.....I was just wondering what others take to help with sleep. I've been taking .25 Xanax plus a mild muscle relaxer (skelaxin). Would any of you mind sharing what helps you? I've been waking up several times during the night here lately.

Anon_2912 responded:
I have to use 10mg of Ambien along with a Sominex Maximum Strength. (OTC) just to get about 4-5 hrs of sleep at night.

I have insomnia.
Anon_10089 responded:

I take a low dose of nortriptyline at night along with OTC sleep aid--which is basically benedryl. In the past, I've taken 9-12 mgs of melatonin and sometimes the melatonin and benedryl together. I still wake up in the night though but over a period of time, I feel less tired in the day, so it must help some.

I think the body can get to tolerate xanax, so you may need to rotate your sleep aids. Maybe go off that for awhile (of course be careful if you have withdrawals) and go on something else. Then, when you need to, go back to the xanax combination. Of course, research any possible bad combinations before you start anything new.

I also nap when I need to. I know sleep doctors say not to do this if you have sleep issues. I've found, though, that if I don't nap, I still don't sleep well at night so I get by on less sleep. Naps help me immensely get a bit more sleep.

Hope you get to sleeping better!

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