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JulesP posted:
So my psychiatrist is trying Cymbalta on me. One capsule every other day for now. We will see if it works. Anyone else on this?
dollbug responded:
Hello JulesP.....I hope the Cymbalta works for you. I tried it at one point and time but could not take it. We have others though who were able to. You can never count on what other people tell you about medicines....we are all different and what works for one may or may not work for another. The same thing applies to vitamins and supplements (brand).

My daughter was able to take it. I found it interesting that it agreed with her and not me.

Take care and let us know how things go.


BetteK responded:

Cymbalta was one of the many that shut my bladder up tight.
Ouch! (And where is that catheter?)

Hubby is on it now. It seems to be helping along with the Lyrica he is taking. Wierd, huh. He also seems to be able to go along without any major flares unless he absolutely abuses his body. But, of course, he's a 70 year old who still farms and works construction. There's a whole lot of abuse there.

Not fair. I stand up for 1/2 hour and my back is already 25 minutes into major pain. Hubby bounces around over rutted fields for 8 hours on his tractor, and he's still able to fall asleep in 5 minutes. Major Not Fair.

Hope you have a good experience with Cymbalta. It's worth a try and works for many of us. And if this is not the answer for you, there are many other options in the doc's bag of tricks.


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