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Georgia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Are you thinking about buying health insurance this year through the Exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act? WebMD is seeking people to share their health insurance stories on the website. Send your name, state where you live and some details about why you are looking for insurance to . You must be willing to have your name and a photograph used on the site along with your story. Please know that while we will try to respond to as many people as possible we may not able to respond personally to your email. Thank you.
Bette_K responded:

I am not looking for health insurance now because we were able to continue my husband's when he retired. If I survive him, I will have to find my own insurance because his dies with him.

Many of us have left our jobs early because of the disability of fibromyalgia. This leaves us with drasticly reduced incomes and precious little to spend on insurance.

At the same time, we desperately need this insurance. This is especially true because the fibromyalgia and it's attendant syndromes cause us to be frequent users of medical assistance.

We take multiple prescriptions. With fibromyalgia being one of the more recent contitions to come to the attention of the big PHARMS, most of the fibro-specific medications are still under patent and unavailable in generic form.

Then there are all the wierd things that pop up in those of us with fibromyalgia. We get severe headaches. Sooner or later this leads to CAT scans and then to MRI's. We have irritable bowels. There are many other diagnoses that must be ruled out. We have X-Rays, colonoscopies, barium swallows, and upper G.I. scopes. We get chest pains. We spend the night in the cardiac unit and go home with holter monitors. It's the intercostal muscles in our chest, thank goodness.

While this is going on, we are probably averaging 2 hours of real sleep a night. We have sleep studies. Of course, we don't actually sleep during the studies, so they have to be repeated with a little Ambien (which will probably take effect about the time the study is over).

In short, we NEED medical insurance. We probably cannot afford it.

Wolfsong452 responded:
not sure if I'd qualify for the affordable care act. I don't make much money,

I also am with a sliding scale plan at the local hospital, can get PCP some dental etc.

bad thing is, this doesn't cover everything. I'd thought of getting extra insurance so I can get gastric bypass or bariatric surgery etc.
but just can't afford to pay anything for insurnance. No matter how much it covers.

I've done a Chapter 13, have a $10,000 loan to pay off desperately need to buy a car, a low paying job,

so can't afford to pay for anything extra, every dime goes to pay that loan off.

what's a body to do?
fibroinsd replied to Wolfsong452's response: the health insurance in your state to see how it works..Here, if you are low income, you can get free/low cost with the new affordable care program come may work out for you.
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fibroinsd responded:
We have been on cobra since my husband lost his job. It has cost us approximately $750/ month. It is so expensive. That is almost the same amount I make per month..Sometimes I don't make that much...It is eating up our money. We have been notified that our insurance will be cancelled in Nov. Luckily, we live in a state that is working on the affordable care act. It looks like our payments may go down to $200. Not sure yet, what we will qualify for.
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Wolfsong452 replied to fibroinsd's response:
not sure how it works here, my sliding scale program that I'm able to get is great. I had tonsils & adnoids removed, $15,000
also had gall bladder that was $18000

all I had to pay for either one was $200.00 for each one.

It's the bariatric surgery won't be covered by my sliding scale insurance.

So far haven't found way to get gastric or bypass surgery.

Primary care doctor will refer me, but sliding scale plan won't cover it.

Hope this new system will cover it.