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Pain in lower right outer leg that feels like a deep bruise
Shanette2013 posted:
I have excruciating pain in my right leg outside that feels like a deep bruise. My right leg foot and big toe constantly hurts. When I rub my leg or move it it hurts and the pain shoots to my big toe. Its unbelievable!! I havent been able to obtain a diagnosis although I have been to dr after dr until I just got worn out. Approximately 8 years ago I wasnt able to allow the sheet on the bed to touch it. I have had venus dopplers an arterial scan, all those tests were normal. When I wear a support stocking it seems to help alot. But nothing stops the pain. warm compresses also helps. Does anyone have a clue to whats going on?
missist responded:
Could you possibly have a myofascial pain problem? Perhaps with a trigger point/knot someplace maybe in the area of your knee or hip?

have you ever tried myofascial release with a massage therapist?

a good one might be able to find the trigger and get it to relax.

that's a guess on my part, I'm no expert but seems plausible if you have fibro; it is not unusual to have myofascial problems too.

missist replied to missist's response:
I think I have some areas like that--I have a knot on my right hip for instance that I think might be one of the things triggering the super stiff muscles I have in my buttocks and upper legs.

The pain is not always where the problem is. Nerves and muscles work together sometimes to cause problems.
dollbug responded:
Hello Shanette and welcome....MiMi in NC....have you been checked for gout? You might want to do some research on this and see if you think it might fit what you are feeling.

I have read before that sometimes the BIG toe is affective.

I hope you will be able to find something that will help you cope better.

Take care and good luck.


Bette_K responded:

If you think that your pain might be gout, you should see either your family doctor or a rheumatologist. Those who have read my posts know I do not favor rheumys for fibro because I consider it a neurological condition better managed by a neurologist. However, if there is a chance you do have gout, a rheumatologist would be a very good choice for your care.

Gout is usually in the big toe. (Mine is in the cervical spine, though.) It has been described as "exquisite pain" that cannot stand to have anything--even the weight of a blanket--touch it.

In the meantime, do pamper yourself as much as possible. Sit with the leg up. Make a "tent" with your bedcovers so that they do not touch your foot. Try warm baths with Epsom Salts for their soothing powers. (If there should be any swelling, the E salts can help with that, too.)

Until you are told that this is NOT gout, you might try limiting any aged cheeses or wines and cutting back on red meats. All of these have been suspected of bringing on gout attacks. Better safe than sorry.

If it is not gout, than myofascial release may be just the thing you need. Beg, borrow, but do not steal a copy of Devin Starlanyl's books. She has so many ways you can help ease most pains.


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