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    fluffy17 posted:
    my question would b anyone know why my vit d is not absorbing in my stomche
    dollbug responded:
    Hello fluffy and welcome....MiMi in NC....I am one of the FMers here who make sure everyone is aware of just how important Vitamin D is to a lot of people. Several years back when I first brought up the subject on this site....I am sure that many thought I was crazy....(actually maybe I am)....I am still voicing this now though. I have done a lot of research on Vitamin D....and I think that the doctors do not even know why some people can not absorb it. There has been a lot of research done on it though and the medical researchers have tied it to many other illnesses.

    I think Vitamin D issue is still really *new* to most doctors....even though there has been lots of research done on it and there are still many questions without answers.

    I do want to tell you this also. Just recently I found out that it seems like I am not absorbing Vitamin B 6 either....and I have several other medical issues which no doctor could tell me what was going on....chronic low back pain, kidney stones, carpal tunnel and Morton's Toe....which is the result of me not getting the Vitamin B 6 that I need. make a long story short....I am now taking P5P which is a *form* of Vitamin D which is already processed so that the body can absorb it and use it like it should be. I can not even believe that within a couple of weeks, most of the chronic lower back pain all but cleared up....I am sure that I still have the kidney stones in both kidneys since I do not think I have passed them and I now think that this was the *root of my carpal tunnel* which I had 5 surgeries for....each time I had carpal tunnel surgery I could not understand why the pain always returned....even though it would be better for a while. I ended up and fell outside on different occasions and broke each of my wrist and had surgery done which required plates and carpal tunnel got so much better after I broke each of my wrists....I still do not quite understand why or how this happened....but I do know that something was not quite right with my wrists. So in all I had 7 wrists/hand surgeries....and for the most part I have not had any major pain from it recently. When it is damp I can tell that I have had issues with them both-and IF I use them a lot I can tell as well.

    You did not say what your Vitamin D level number is or was and if you have taken supplements to try to increase your level. I will also tell you this much that I ended up taking more than what my doctor thought I needed....just to get my level within the *normal range* took me over a year for this to happen and I do not think I would have gotten the level where it needed to be otherwise. My level was 12 or 14 and my daughter's level was 2 when she finally got hers checked....(she does NOT have FM).

    I now take a multi vitamin with extra D....(source one from walmart) and the doctor told me that I would need to continue to take the Vitamin D the rest of my life.

    IF you happen to find out the answer to your question I hope you will share this with all of us here. I do know that low Vitamin D did cause additional pain for me and I have also read that it affects other illnesses as well....(I hope I never have to find out about this though)

    Take care and good luck.


    fluffy17 replied to dollbug's response:
    Thanks I am going to have stomach test and colonostopy- I can't spell:-) I'm 50 and have to get this test:-) I do not know level but she said low so I take multi vitamin and d anyway until I find out I live east no sun:-) I came from Cali. The Dr. Said a lot of peeps have low vitamin d I only do what I can do in morning and take it easy the rest of day:-)
    Bette_K replied to fluffy17's response:
    Oh, Fluffy,

    Be sure to do your colonoscopy prep thoroughly. It can save your life. Most colorectal cancers take a long time to become dangerous. Having the test done every 10 years (or more often if your doc recommends that) can find small problems before they get big. But in order to see all of your colon, it has to be completely empty.

    Would you believe that none other than Dr. Oz tried to get by with waiting to do his prep after work (instead of starting at midday). He had to have the colonoscopy repeated, and it's a good thing he did it. They found some polyps and were able to remove them right then. The prep is a pain. You'll be very, very empty when you're done. But you'll have a spanking clean colon for your doctor to scope out.

    Many of us with FM also have irritable bowel syndrome and some of us have gluten or other digestive issues. If your BMs are usually the kind you have to RUN to the bathroom for, you probably don't really digest your food properly. Then you will not get the full benefit of your food or your supplements. So why are we surprised when we are deficient? Go figure.

    Hope eveything goes well on the day, and that they find the cause of some of your problems.


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