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Fibro medications
fibrokathy posted:
I am curious as to how helpful your medications are to you. I take Savella and Gabapentin, and still ache. My dr. is raising the Savella so I will see if I have any improvement.

Honestly, I am tired of taking medication that do not work for me. Do any of you get by without taking any medication and what do you do to control the pain?
Wendylyne responded:
I same problem good luck
Bette_K responded:

I was on everything possible in the past 40 years. Nothing really worked. The "experts" considered a 16 % improvement on the first trials (Elavil plus Flexeril) "significant." Well, I don't.

Right now, I'm doing fairly well with my nerve blocks every 3 months and trigger point injections every 3 weeks or so. I have Ambien to take once or twice a month for sleep, Voltarin gel for wrist/hand/knee arthritis, Lubriderm patches for spinal pain flares, flexeril for bodywide tense muscles, and I take a really good vitamin along with a calcium/magnesium/zinc/ vitamin D pill.

But I am totally off the Savella, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Elavil, the SSRIs, the Duragesic pain patches, and the Oxycontin. Talk about drugs that didn't work!

What it boils down to is that there will be times in your life with fibro when you need some pretty heavy stuff. Then there may be a time when you can be weaned off them at least for a while. You do what you have to when you have to.

See what happens with the increase in your Savella dosage. I hope you find something that works for you soon. Sometimes this whole searching for a solution thing can be worse than the fibro. Try to be patient.

fibrokathy replied to Bette_K's response:
Hi Bette,

You are very straightforward in your replies and very informative. Finding medications that work for fibro is a trial and error process and can be frustrating. I am going to start keeping a daily log on how I feel so I can judge how well these meds are working for me.

I took elavil for a while in the beginning because it was the only medication offered. I also take Ambien CR every night and would to wean off that one day. How is it that you only take it a couple times a month?

Are the nerve blocks for your fibro and do they help?
Bette_K replied to fibrokathy's response:

I first tried Ambien in 1991. As I was going out the door of the Rheumy who diagnosed me, he asked, "How is your sleep?" Of course the answer was, "What sleep?"

At first the Ambien worked great, but over the years I guess I have developed a tolerance for it. If I take it nightly, it only delivers about 2 hours of sleep. If I wait until I really need a full night's sleep, it works quite well.

The nerve blocks I get every 3 months for the arthritic changes in my spine at L-3 and L-4. They really hurt, but so does my back. If I come home and spend the rest of n. b. day in bed, they usually help for most of the 3 months. Without them, it hurts immediately if I stand. (Don't ask why, but I can walk with no spinal pain. I just cannot stand.) With the nerve blocks, it takes about 5 minutes for the pain at my waist level to start.

Please be on the alert for signs that you are moving about the house in the time between when you take your Ambien and when you fall asleep. You will actually be sleepwalking with no memory of what you did. Some patients actually DROVE with no knowledge of what they were doing. Scary!


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