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The MOON was AMAZING....
booch007 posted:
It took my breath away last night! Most of the time I have fallen asleep on the couch and walk by our windows with little attention paid to the dark outside. But last night I PAID dearly for the projects I completed....I had to get up to add Valium tot he meds and put a hot pak to the neck, I couldn't lay down...hands were hurting as well.

So as I walked from kitchen to TV room the brightness of outside was pulling me to look. I have about 2 dozen landscape lights out and I thought maybe the new ones with the stronger sun may be doing this..LOL, well it was the clearest sky and biggest moon. Just beautiful.

Stood there for a few seconds taking it all in.

But then to the heating pad. Glad I did too, my DH is using it for his feet and he never shut it OFF! YIKES... Of course there was a denial this a.m., but it does have an auto shut (smart me). He doesn't know that.

I got the pool cover off the pool lookes great, I had to raise the water about 4 inches and then I went to re-start the filter. ..NOPE*, It wouldn't go, just the humm of the motor. I took a wrench and played with the inpeller but it wouldn't budge, I really don't think it will survive, DH is going to deal with it on Monday with a friend. I have had a pool in my life since I was a kid, so I know quite a bit....this looks grim .

So open, ladder in..deck swept...umbrella (new) open and I await the warm water to float in. .
Fountain in plugged in and a new one on it's way for the front yard for the serenity of sound...the hummingbird feeders are out and ready (first year) and need to have nectar changed every 2 days...(have to remeber) I bought a sprinkler for the gardens and did that yesterday.

I just feel off though. I have Yanni playing but the spiritual side of me is tilted right now, I have so much on my mind and in my world..can't seem to make quiet time. I used to have coffee with cinnamon on the deck in the a.m. and listen to my birds, can't tell you when I did that last.

I needed to help at the store yesterday, Graduations here in NY and we were the busiest since he opened again. A few mishaps and all I scould do was prep red peppers and sweep the floor and clean counters (a job really) but then I could feel it was enough as I did so much at home.

I returned and rested. But as I tried to lay in bed in the night, that is the truth telling, and I failed. Failed to pace right and did cross the line.
I also had on special flip flops with support but even my feet were in a mess last night.

Funny how we can do but later it shows itself and you pay. OK the dragon won yesterday in my pain departmenr, but I won in the projects done! = EVEN .

Ok, have a better day today all...get out and get UP, do something for you and something that distracts you away from this mess we are in.
(Typed without a spell check as I will lose the post ability if I go back
. So I look like I can't spell or talk right )
dollbug responded:
Hello Nana B....OMG....I can not even believe that you do all that you wonder you need to learn to SLOW down before the dragon takes over. I am glad that you were able to open up your pool...still do not know how you do such. I guess it is just what you get use to doing perhaps. I know that I use to do all sorts of things but today....I can NOT do half of what I would like to do. My mind *thinks* about it but my body says *NO*. No energy for any sort of projects that I would love to accomplish. It is a battle between the mind and the body...and sometimes I just wonder who both of them belong to.

I missed the moon last night. Actually I *forgot* to look. I guess this was *fibro fog* rearing it ugly head at me again.

I had bought some faucet O-rings this past week and my DH came in looking for them. OMG...where in the world did I put them? I had no clue. There are days when I wonder what in the world is going on with me. I use to be able to do many things and now I can not even keep up with the little things in life. Oh, I finally did find them but DH had moved on to something else. Funny, how this works.

I hope you can rest today and I hope that you will get everything in order for your pool to enjoy. I wish I could just have the energy to enjoy swimming...You know...that takes a lot of energy to do.

They just said that perhaps the moon can be *viewed again tonight*...well...maybe I will see it afterall...IF I remember.

Take care.


booch007 replied to dollbug's response:
Many times it is " the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak..."

I try to beat our dragon each day and I will not give up. I can feel the line approaching and that is the turning point to stop or push the envelope. I did too much yesterday and it really just hit me 30 minutes before bed. Hand pain, shoulders buring and then when I laid down the throat tension and spasm to swallow. SO up I went in 10minutes as no position worked. Got a 5mg Valium and the hot pad that is for shoulders and neck....perfect. 15minutes later in a better place and returned to bed.

Slept the whole night , but the a.m. was rough, so today NO projects! I will iron the unifiorms for the week and do paper work for Urology. Policy and Procedure manual has to be formatted and I brought it all home. That is sitting still stuff. I can do that.

Beautiful out and the birds are busy...I will take time out to look at nature.
Yesterday while trying to fight with the motor I heard sticks breaking in the woods....turned to see a female deer standing by me watching....she turned and walked back into the woods afetr i saw her. (Hmm I wonder who that was?) If it was my Dad's spirit he coulda stayed and helped me with the motor issues!! He was so good with motors...

OK, a day s waiting to be the seize it!

Hugs to all, Nancy B

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