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Ukuleles O/T *Musical talents*?
dollbug posted:
Hello.....O/T means this is Off Topic.....has nothing to do with FM.

MiMi in I have a question for anyone who cares to answer. Does anyone here play the Ukulele? If so, how long did it take you to learn and how hard was it? Did you learn on your own or did someone teach you to play. if the answer is NO.....then do you or have you learned how to play anything musical? I think being good at anything is a GOD given talent. I have always wanted to play the piano....took lessons for years when I was younger. I played by ear....never really learned how to read the notes. Lost interest in it.

So....I will be anxious to read any replies to this.

Have a good Sunday.


fibroinsd responded: musical talent here..when I was in high school, I lived in Hawaii...and my parents bought me a ukulele, but I never learned to play it..typical of my parents to buy me the instrument, but no lessons on how to play it..I still have it..guess I should get some lessons..

I took piano lessons several times..but with all the moving we did...never had any consistency..all excuses I, eyesight is so bad...reading the music was hard after awhile..getting into those upper and lower ranges..I couldn't tell if it was for a note between the lines or on the yea..again I should take responsibility for not continuing ..but I think it just isn't my thing..but yea..I would love to be able to play. We have a piano now, that my son got, but left at home when he went away to college. The piano tuner keeps calling to tune the piano..but I can't see paying to tune it, when no one plays it..

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