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Made Trip Strikin M & Parkinsons
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
Hi All.. Safely here in NM but what a trip it was... A week in to my vacation and I am struggling with FM and fits of Parkinsons... It has been down right evil... But my daughter and family has been great... It is my daughter's birthday today and I have a migraine but the meds are working it is almost gone... She is at an appointment and so I thought I would let you know I am ok... hurting but so what is new...

I am still enjoying my grandchildren... even tho they think they can get by with just about anything now that grandma is here... have learned a few lessons... lol... they think they need to check on grandma during chore time lol... oops no work... lol... but thanks for the thought... lol...

I can barely hear most of them talk and laugh... they are sorta getting the idea they have to yell at me... but it is hard to concept... after being told all their lives not to yell... we had a lot of fu playig a secrets game though where they didn't talk but said the words with their lips...I read their lips... got a couple of them in trouble at first then we all played... and it was quiet for a while... except for when I made funny mistakes... lol...

My hands are hurting really bad... I am going to close,,, Want to see what sort of mess my daughter is coming home to next door... I live in her cottage next to her home... nice to have so quiet again... but I miss my boys and grandchildren at home... and my puppy I left behind... miss my Angell...

you all take care... love you... Jan/Dakota
fibroinsd responded:
Jan, so glad to hear..I am sure the changes are hard to deal with, and hopefully a little routine will help you start feeling little cottage sounds wonderful..I hope you have a wonderful time there..cece
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
missist replied to fibroinsd's response:
Hi, I've been praying for you & family.
Are you permanent moved or just visiting?

Nice to have a separate space for yourself.

Hope you feel better some.

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