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swelling back of knees
deansmimi posted:
I'd like some advise, If anyone has any--
Like all of us, I have many medical ailments, but a recent one has
me baffeled. My right hip needs replacement, so i've been told, and I have to walk with a cane or walker. This pain started last August,
I was never bothered with any knee problems, but since using the cane, both knees have become very painful. I also have a hernia,
recently diagnosed, above my right groin. The new problem started about two weeks ago, and seems to be getting worse. My feet and legs have been swelling off and on for about 4 mths.but now they are swollen, and also my knees and the back of my knees are
swelling. It makes it v3ery difficulot to bend my knees, and really
interferes when i'm going up and down stairs.

I have fm, Hashimotos diseaseI, osteoarth.,C.O.P.D.,My blood tests
usually show that my potassium tends to be high,&. my sodium low
I* can't figure why i'm having this swelling. W hen my legs first started to swell, I had read that it sometimes is caused by a high
tsh., and suprisingly my PC had also read it, and decided to increase my thyro meds. When I went back in three mths, my ankles and legs
were normal. My Dr. was really amazed that it worked.

Has anyone else ever had the swelling in the back of the knees ?
And if so, do you know what caused it? Any advice or response will be very welcomed.

I hope every one has some painfree days
God Bless All, Marie

DublinGirl responded:
Hi Marie,

No I've never experienced that, but poor you, you seem to have a lot of additional issues that could be complicating things for you. I think you really need professional advice on that one, but maybe someone else here has experienced it.

If I were you I'd talk with my Doctor first. Best of luck and please God you get some relief soon.

Rachael x

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