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missist responded:
I wish there were a way to share those questions with people--but unfortunatelyl--I don't think the sort of folks who actually SAY those things--would really 'get it'.

For me-- the pain is not the #1 issue anymore. It was when I was younger, but now I have a better handle on it, and it is not as bad at all as it used to be.. Now I'm more concerned about fatigue, and weakness and various weird feelings.

Life goes on.
Bette_K replied to missist's response:

I'm not sure whether the pain is any less intense or whether we just get overwhelmed with the fibrofog (is it early onset dementia?) or the fatigue (when is the last good night's sleep?) and the irritable bowel (where's the bathroom?) and the consequent feeling as if EVERYTHING were out of control.

Yes, the pain is always there. But you're right, it doesn't SEEM as important. Theses hot, muggy days seem to be designed to make the fatigue and fog more and more all encompassing.

missist replied to Bette_K's response:
Good points Bette.
I'm up at the moment because every night after I lie down I get heartburn, or I start coughing, or just can't fall asleep. I don't remember the last time I slept all night--I think I was sleeping a little better before I got the cold I got a few weeks ago-- still getting random coughing which reveals that my bladder is about as weak as the rest of me.

Entirely frustrating.

And holy cow is it even possible to have more rain?

So just ate my anti-heartburn apple, hoping to get back in bed and actually fall asleep. But since hubby came home I've ended up on the couch by the end of the night--just dont' see why he should have to be wakened by my insomnias.

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