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    Saturday ****June 29, 2013 **** Hot damp weather ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily...MiMi in NC where it is going to be a hot, hot day again....probably with more thundershowers....I got caught in one yesterday and got drenched from head to toe. Went into a store and did my shopping....the sun was shining and it did NOT look like I left though it cut loose and OMG....I got caught without an umbrella or anything. I was NOT alone though as there were a lot of us there. Unpredictable weather is what I call this.

    My GD will have her 9th birthday and we will NOT have her on her big I wanted to have a party for her and decided we would do this this week-end. It is only a small family party with her little cousins but I am sure she will have a good time. My older son called me yesterday and my GD wanted to be picked up 2 hours early. I am sure she gets really excited about her time with her dad. She contacts him every day. I am anxious to see just how long her stay will be this week-end. Time will tell.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope does take a trial and error have to find the right combination that will work for you and as we all know we are all different and what works for one may or may not work for another. So hang in there and find out what will make a difference for you.

    I hope each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all. I am sure we will have fun I hope to have a cook out, weather permitting.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. Try to stay cool, if you can.


    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi and all,

    I couldn't believe that we were posting at the same time and I collided with yours and I was bumped my medication post assistance was taken away:(. I have some good news for low income medication needing patients. I didn't think to share it here til this question came up. 80.00 for 6-8 perscritions on the list.....per month and they ship to you. I will post it this week. Of course I didn't bring my work books home this weekend and the info is in there!!

    I got the pool open for the rain to kill it.! The filter broke yet it worked when I first set it up....then the motor a new filter in place. Yikes, it is always something.

    Another new position for me, I don't think I am going back to the patient level. . Not so great but I can't do that and watch all that I do and do all that I is all evolving.

    Good raise came with this move too..... Can always use that.

    I love to hear of your GD and your moments of love that happen. It is joy in a jar, right?

    Today I have chores waiting in line and will PACE as you say... then we have a double graduation for my neices, one from college and one from high school to go tomorrow. I am giving them all my party things to cut costs so alot to pull out......
    All my tents and tables and chairs, I am like a party business! LOL .

    I am having alot of issue with muscles that haven't bothered me before and I can't figure the trigger is the muscles in the waist area on the sides. So active and hot*, painful. CRAP, I don't want new issues. I have the old ones down.....
    It is a spot that is hard to deal with too. (Back to the books)
    I couldn't even touch em when I woke up today!

    Yesterday I helped the staff with a stress test through a womans I sat on a foot stool with the foot on my knee. Well when it was all over, I COULDN"T GET UP from the stool...the staff had to pull me up. About 30 minutes I was down embarrassing...I just said "age..gets you all the time" But I wonder what it really did to the muscles to be in that strange postition.

    OK, off to start laundry....shock the pool and sieze the day. out a project, a distraction and take your meds. A fight like this I never thought I would deal with..but it has made me stranger in the end here. Life is perception and my view has changed so much with our dragon by my side.....
    Have a better day today then yesterday. Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    Hello Nana B.....OMG....I think sometimes it does happen....but as I was scoping out what had been posted this morning....I do think that your post actually *hit* the system....perhaps it just took a few minutes more to know computers are strange anyway....and sometimes it is like the post just *disappear into cyberspace*....and then other times they do finally appear.

    Anyway....I do hope that your post appeared as I did see 2 about 5 minutes (?) maybe apart.

    Congratulations with your new position and the raise as well. (money is always a good thing)... I hope your position will be a *better fit* for you and that you can dance with the dragon, instead of draggin the dragon every day. (I love your slogan, use it often).

    I do hope you can rest today and catch up on feeling better....I think it is a *struggle* for all of us on most days....regardless of what we do. I sometimes think of mine as a *LOVE/HATE relationship of life* I truly *hate draggin the dragon around with me and the chronic fatigue that I deal with... as I try to figure out how to do what needs to be done....I have so much to be truly thankful is a *tough struggle*...and very hard to do at times.

    I admire you and those who can continue to work each day and hold a job down. I often wonder just how in the world you do it. I know that when I worked a full time job and part time job as well and then also kept up with what needed to be done elsewhere...I guess I ran off of *invisible energy*....I have no idea to be quite honest with you....well...I guess I am now paying for what I did for so it is NO MORE.

    I am having horrible eyes allergy issues right now....I find it quite disturbing that I can NOT even read a good book while I have no energy to do anything else.

    I do continue to try to *pick and choose* what is important and must be done regardless....but some days there is nothing I can do about matter how hard I try to put *mind over matter*.

    You are so right....I think once the dragon appears...our views do change as things just kind of get out of our control....and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Slay the it up and throw it in the garbage.
    (I only wish it could be this easy).

    So much to deal with right now....a lot of stress in my corner of the world. Not a good thing for the mind or the body.

    OK....enough on my soapbox.

    I hope you have a good day today.

    Take care.


    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Saturday MiMi, Nancy and all to follow. I do hope my quick post finds everyone in a good place and that the weather is not hot or muggy where you are.

    it's hot and it's muggy here, with out of no where rain showers popping up each day. As MiMi said " dry and sunny one minute and thunder, lighting and down pour the next. " Yesterday DH and I drove down towards Chattanooga to fish at NickaJack Dam which hold back some of the Tennessee River. Never tried to dish there but passed it so often that we thought we'd make a day trip. Very pretty there but found to our dismay, =-O few spots where one could fish off the shore. More for boats of all sizes and those areas were very nice. NO cabins or resorts and we found that odd since it's a big area and most of it is not used.

    MiMi, sorry you got caught in a down pour. I have had that happen to me before. I hope your little one gets to stay on longer with you and I ma sure she will just love the party for her 9TH birthday. 0:-) Sorry you allergies have been acting up.. I hope you find relief for them quickly.

    Nancy, congratulations on your new position and pay raise. And I too have had my posts go missing because I was trying to post at the same time as someone else. But mine post went into the black whole here never to be seen.

    I guess I'll close this here and get my day going and let you get on with yours.

    Have a great day everyone. I hope that each of you has a fibro issue and pain free day as well.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    ajnsmom responded:
    Hi Everyone,

    I have resigned from my job and applied for SSDI. I'm living with my son, so I don't have the pressures of all the household bills, etc. I'm very thankful for him!

    I was reading Nancy's post and I remember when we had a fire drill at work one time and I had to walk down 21 floors. I had to have help holding on to me going down so I wouldn't fall and I was in horrible pain for the next 3 days, and also after I sat down when we came in from the fire drill, I couldn't get my legs to move to stand up on the first try. My brain was wanting to stand up but my legs wouldn't cooperate until the 2nd or 3rd try. That was scary! Needless to say, I'm glad not to be working anymore, especially on the 21st floor!


    I was thinking you were probably in the same position too long. Do you think that might be it?

    I woke up from a nap this afternoon with severe pain, but the meds are working, so now it's not as bad. I hope everyone had a good day today.

    Linda S.
    missist replied to ajnsmom's response:
    Hi Linda S.. good luck to you! I will be praying for you.

    PS--dont have time to read all else before your post.. just wanted to say that.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. I went offroading in the Jeep with my oldest son Jonathan, my twin Casey, and his son Noah today. We had a ball. It did wear me out something fierce, but worth it. He co-drove, at the park and on the 1hr and 15 min. drive each way. My little Jeep did very well. Good therapy for the mind.

    Tonight the DW and I are taking it easy. Tomorrow is a busy day with her folks arriving. We have some final clean up and yard work to do before they arrive. She is making manicotti. I also have a disturbingly dirty Jeep to clean. The park was saturated.

    I am sore but in good spirits today. I hope you all have a good night. Take care.

    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Happy Saturday to all!

    I have had a wonderful day today! I have had a day with no pain! It has been so long since I have felt this good. I felt like I was high or drunk with happiness from feeling so good. I went shopping, cleaned house, cooked dinner and did dishes! I have not been able to that much in one day in such a long time! It has been a lovely day!

    Mimi, I hope your granddaughter will have a wonderful birthday. My great newphew's birthday is Tuesday. He was born on his grandma's birthday ( my sister). We we lucky and celebrate two birthdays at once. He is turning 11 years old.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are having a lot of rain. It is on and off. It is hard to plan anything outside this weekend because of the rain. Soft hugs to all.

    Debbie Lewis (Brooks)
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    booch007 replied to ajnsmom's response:
    Good Morning Linda,

    Man 21 floors is no joke for a fire drill......we have them often and they are disruptive to stuidies so they are not stopped anymore!
    No, I don't think I was in a position that was stale, I love the is where my fun and distraction is the best. My empathetic support and shoulder yielding is really MY medicine. The lives some people have to live are so sad that I truily lose myself in their comfort or the troubleshooting of how to be better.

    To not be with patients and do adm. stuff or keep an eye on the flow of work for is kind of a negative place I think.
    I just asked to let me stay 4 days a week. I need my Monday (me day) to rest - regroup and balance my body.

    I know this is the right move for you with your son's support. Here is soping you have all your papers in line to get an OK on the first run. My WC lawyer said anytime I am ready she will follow me to that hearing with all my stuff......(I am just not ready).

    Good luck, NAncy B
    booch007 replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
    OUCH DEBBIE....... I too have been caught in the land of "painless" and then you do all that.......HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY???

    OUCH? I am hurting today and also in a fatigue zone....I did some yesterday but not extreme, and was wiped by 1pm. The rest of the day lost to our friend....I was in the recliner.
    This a.m. lots of discomfort to go around.....but meds in and shower to come and I am hopeful to capture this day.
    Looks hazy, crazy lazy summer day to me.....rain on the way.

    You all help me figure the weather when you have it and it is on it's way to me!!
    Hope today isn't as I fear for you.......hugs, Nancy B
    debrabrooks1960 replied to booch007's response:
    Dear Nancy B,

    I was lucky and was only tired the next day. I did not do as much so I would not be too tired at work on Monday. Luckily today I still felt good. But this afternoon after cooking and doing dishes I am very tired. I am ready to turn in early tonight.

    I am hoping you are feeling better. My recliner is my best friend! I have days that I spend the whole day in it.

    Who is the baby in you picture? She is so adorable. How old is she now? Take care and have a good night.

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.

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