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Numbness in finger tips?
debrabrooks1960 posted:
Does any one suffer with numbness in their fingertips. I started having numbness and some tingling in my fingertips. I type all day so I do not know if it is from FM or just typing too much. It does not hurt, just feels weird.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Soft hugs to all.

Debbie Lewis
Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
booch007 responded:
As a typist it is so easy to have compression or irritation of the nerves to the fingers that pass through the wrist area.....

Since it is not is not too far along. Can you support your wrists to be straight. There are typing keyboards and mouse pads with ergonomic support for the wrists as this is a known issue. (employer must supply)

If the issue was as far as pain....I would ask you to tap on the underside of your wrist to see if there is increased vibration to the fingers or increased pain. This is Tinels sign and an indication of carpal (wrist) Tuinnel (sheath opening that the nerves pass through).

For now though can you rest the it and motrin? If that is a med you take? If this continues catch it now and see the can fix this before it needs surgery assistance.

Goos luck, let us know. Nancy B
debrabrooks1960 replied to booch007's response:
Thanks for replying Nancy B,

I have had carple tunnel in both hands before. I had sugery which really helped. I do believe I may be getting it again. Luckily the numbness seems to be going away. It does not bother me to type. It just feels weird.

Have a great night and thanks for your help. It is really appreciated.

Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
Bette_K responded:
My sister avoided a second carpal tunnel surgery by wearing a brace most of the time. It was made for her by a hand therapist who worked in the same office as her hand surgeon.

On bad days, when I read for 20 or so hours a day, my fingers and arms get to tingling/burning/going to sleep from holding books so long. Sitting here at the computer is a break for my hands!

Who would ever believe that the 9th grade personal typing class (my worst grade in h.s.) would be my gateway to all of you!


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