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SimpleFil perscription assistance (NancyB)
booch007 posted:
OK all, I am having big computer issues today and will try to post this. I ask Pat an old member to do the same if this doesn't work.

This is a central company that is your advocate for all pharmaceutical does have hooks to it. The med and your financial state are only one.
YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE TO CALL and see if it helps you.

Wether you are Medicare, have insurance or have NO will be able to use them to help.


The rep I soke with was amazing at helping my patient at that time. I told her the med...she checked her sheet and it was a go...

Basic numbers are....2-7 meds 65.00 and 8+ 85.00 this is per month and they refill the script and the meds come to you from the pharmeceutical company. It is an amazing find.

Good luck to all
Nancy B

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