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Vitamin B-1 Thiamine at High Doses May Help With Fibro
missist responded:
Foods high in Thiamine:
dollbug responded:
Hello Mary....good info on the link. The people they tested though took mega doses of the B 1....not sure that I would want to take so many pills in one day....but it would be good to try this. I continue to look for anything that might help the chronic fatigue....which for me, is actually so much worse than the pain that I have....and there seems to be nothing that has worked so far.

I did talk to the person at the Vitamin Store I visit and he also says that for takes a much greater dose of anything before it might help us. At the time we were talking about the Ribrose....which I tried but NOT the mega doses of it.

Everything is a process though and I am aware of this. I guess the only way to know if indeed a person tries it....because even the doctors do not know what might work for us. I do not always think those that more it better. I try to only take what might help.

Thanks for sharing this info.

Take care.


fibroinsd responded:
I know I take a B-100 COMPLETE and it does help my energy level..but I wouldn't say it was a cure for the fibro..but I wouldn't be without it..for sure..thanks for the info..always good to hear of studies being done.

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
missist replied to fibroinsd's response:
I ordered some 500 mg B-1 pills from Amazon, I didn't even see B-1 offered in any stores around here.

I guess I figure it is worth a shot--if it could help with fatigue and lack of energy that would be fantastic. But we shall see.

Everything I've looked at seems to say that there is not a known upper limit for B-1 and they have safely given mega doses to some people with various conditions--so 500 to 1000 is already known to be safe.

I also made a list of foods that have B-1 and will try to put some on my plate.

I'll report back if I notice it helping.


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