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Antibiotics and increased pain
crystalgreeneyes posted:
I am currently taking a course of antibiotic (penicillin) for a severe ear infection. After a couple of days I noticed that my pain was much worse. I feel sore all over my body and increased pain in the places that are usually painful, like my elbows and hips. I can barely drag myself around, however, I still have earache and I know I must finish them (4 more days to go)
Has anyone else experienced this? I have reactions to so many medications so I am not that surprised. I never take antibiotics unless I am absolutely convinced that I need them. The last time I took them was about 5 years ago.
booch007 responded:
I am sorry your pain is up. In some cases when you take an antibiotic you get a (sp?) prodromal is the dying off of bacteria you have in your body that the antibiotic is killing. It can give you a heighten reaction of headache, pain in muscles, drop in blood pressure etc. We don't see it too often as people are not so sensitive.

I know we are sensitive people. So it may be that. Please I hope you flushed your body and drank pleeanty of water. Now if the ear didn't improve and he moves you up to another med that covers more than pcn the same, flush out the toxin from the bacteria and maybe it will be better. In fact all may be beeter from the first run.

Good luck, I hope the ear is perfect now.
Nancy B

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