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    Allergic to Fibro drugs, other options?
    gottarun10 posted:
    Help, I've tried mostly all Fibro drugs and I break out in a rash. I've tried Lyrica, Neurotin and Cymbalta (gives me severe depression, tried twice)

    Are there any other drugs I can try that are not in the same drug group of Pregabalins?? What abput anti-inflammatory or arthritis drugs?

    Or what about pain management doctors?
    missist responded:
    Hi there,
    I use an older tricyclic antidepressant-- nortriptiline-- its also cheap--which is nice.

    I also use celebrex and used to use aleeve, but my dr felt celebrex might be safer--although its so expensive, I'm wondering just 'how much' safer.

    I have to take any nsaids with a good meal-- not a snack but a full meal. I take it 2x a day. Nortriptilene I take 2x a day too-- amitryptiline is also good--and often used to treat nerve pain-- in a low dose.

    I also do use gabapentin 2x a day, in a lowish dose. which is a generic neurontin.

    Another thing--I take antihistamines year round--so maybe that helps with rashes? I did have a strange bout with hives before I went on zyrtec (cetrizine) quite a few years back. Oddly If I stop taking it for several days I will itch. Also If I miss one or two doses I get a bit of vertigo.

    So anyhow there's some ideas. Best of luck to you!
    mariba65 responded:
    a physiatry (pain management doctors) helped me to find the right combination of medication for my fibro.

    Good luck.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    In the MEMBERS TOOLBOX to the right in resources we have many postings on the meds that worked for each person.

    We are all different and in different degrees of this biological mess. I use a muscle relaxant SOMA and Tramadol for pain and Savella for pain and fatgue. Vit D, VitB complex, CoQ10 and magnesium 200 twice a day. Motrin is my breakthrough med if I really am hurting after that mix.

    We are often using mutifaceted therapy. Taking the muscles, the nerves and brain chemistry into consideration.

    I couldn't tolerate the amytryptilline group as it made me too tired as did neurontin. I have a busy job and I needed a clear head.

    The muscle relaxant was started just at night and knocked me out.....then I needed help in the day and started it in the morning with a curve of I got up at 5 to be out the door by 7 and then I need to add it around lunch so I could walk out of the car, the muscles would seize up after running all day...when I stopped to drive home they would fall apart. So the middle dose helped with that.

    I have no sedation from the relaxant anymore...just a better state to function at my best. The Savella is a bow on the box. It lowers the pain well and gives me energy I can only take the little crumb of 12.5mg. More then that I grind my teeth and am aggitated, so I increase to 25 only when I am in need. It also harbors me from sleeping well, so again "Less is more".

    Good luck, read the TOOLBOX and see if you pick up a pearl of wisdom.

    Nancy B
    booch007 responded:
    Oh another thing to mention is
    The trial and error period to find your meds and fix can be the worst part of this, behind getting a fit with the physician. They too get frustrated trying to find something that helps you.

    I hope the passage for you is quick so that is where the toolbox may help.

    I used my pharmacy and nursing knowledge to get to where I needed to be pretty quick, lucky I guess .

    For years though I was just using Chiropractic and motrin. I developed bleeding issues from the motrin and that is why I am on tramadol. Trading off on something is a way of life. I just hate to take all the meds, but I need to move and be the best I can be. I use neurology in my care and she is such a Champion Physician for me. An Advocate to help be my best.

    I hope you have the luck I have or had.

    Nancy B

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