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Haven't post in awhile
FibroGirl1969 posted:
I haven't post in awhile, so here is a quick update. My fibro has it's good and bad days. I see a Pain Management doctor and I really feel I need to see a Rheumy as well.

I don't think my pain doc is really listening to what I am saying and I also feel that I might have a vitamin D issue as well. There are times when I feel as if something is crawling on my skin and when I check there is nothing there.

I break out in small bumps and I don't know why. I stay depressed and I have learned that comes with the Fibro. Does anyone understand what I am dealing with or am I alone. Just wondering. HELP!!!!
Crystal9902 responded:
/hey fibrogirl!

you are not alone!! I was dx with fibro 4/29/2013 but I have been hurting for years and all this time my docs were telling me it was depression. it is clearly a horrible mix of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and arthritis. I think I have vitamin d issue too, mimi (on here) said that I should check both vitamin d and B, so I will be doing that for sure. I think my thyroid level is a little high too, have you had yours checked? the new levels are 0.5 to 3.0 versus 0.5 to 5.0 (mine is 3.11).

I have a rheumy but he said "here is some tramadol and take your time with things and go to work". wow really, sounds great right lol. my pcp has me on Cymbalta, meloxicam and trazadone along with the tramadol from the rheumy.

I am going to see a pain doc because the pain/stiffness in my neck,back and shoulders is ridiculous. I want an MRI to see if there is some arthritis in my spine or something.

you might want to have the small bumps checked out, I don't know if rashes come with fibro, but I have had the craziest rashes myself over the past 2 years that I have never had before and it seems that is when my symptoms of pain got much worse, over the past 2 years (docs blamed on dermatitis or meds reaction)

try to keep your head up and know you are definitely not alone, I do understand and you will definitely be in my prayers. focus on little things and slow and steady wins the race!!


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