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Fibro fog/Narcolepsy
ejstl posted:
Just wanted to share about my fibro fog/narcolepsy problems that have been helped. The sleep dr. has not officially diagnosed me with narcolepsy but I have all the symptoms except cataplexy, diagnosed with inability to stay awake-hm...happens a lot with people with fibro fog also. Mine started out as the fog that was just debilitating in the morning, then developed into falling asleep at any time of the day for no reason. I mean sound asleep in seconds. The sleep dr. has now put me on Ritalin ER 3 times a day and it has been a miracle for me. I can stay awake during the day, focus on work and basically have a life again that doesn't revolve around laying on the couch whenever I wasn't at work. Don't get me wrong, sundays are my couch day so that I have the energy for the work week. Hope I don't have to be on it forever, but for the time being it is a miracle. Just being able to function and have a life is awesome-Have a great weekend everyone!
booch007 responded:
So glad to see a positive here on the board.

I am assuming the sleep doctor did a sleep study and there was no sleep apnea. Really glad you got help and feel better.
Enjoy your weekwnd too. Nancy B

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