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    Cymbalta Costs
    ggladieux posted:
    Has anyone else noticed the increase of co-pay for Cymbalta since Obamacare has started to take into effect? My copay was originally $50, two years ago. January of this year it increased to $60, now its $66 per month! It wouldn't be so bad if this was my only prescription, but I have several. Its getting to the point that I will no longer be able to afford to get this medicine. I've heard of substitutes, such as Savalla but I've also heard that they do not work as well, any advice? When I go off Cymbalta I experience very disturbing mood swings, including intense and nearly uncontrollable anger.
    Anon_408 responded:
    Obama care has not started till 2014, and it has now been extended to 2015, is my understanding. I believe the increased costs is due to the pharmacueticals charging more, and it is a trickle down effect.

    Just as the farmers cost of raising fruits and vegetables go up, grocers will charge more, same for gasoline, Ranchers raising cattle for beef, pork, chickens goes up, that explains the rise in those products.

    As much as we'd like to blame Obama for everything, part of it is just the cost of doing business.

    With that said, hope you can find some way financially to keep on with it. For those that say Savella doesn't work as well, that might be for the person thats saying that, but until you yourself were to try it, it's hard to say how it would work with you.

    I believe Cymbalta is a med that you aren't supposed to quit cold turkey, it is supposed to be reduce down gradually. But I'm saying I think that is the case. Check with the drug companies and see if you can get help with the cost of the script, and or ask about some samples from Dr. to help stretch your prescription.

    Good luck
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    My co-pay for Cymbalta last year was $30.00. This year is is $65.00. I can save a few dollars by using the mail in Rx plan. But it is still more than I paid last year. My doctor's office did tell me that the drug rep for Cymbalta said that it is going generic in November. Hopefully that will make it cheaper. I have to pay the difference becuase nothing else seems to help me. Good luck in finding a subsitute. I could not find one.

    Debbie Lewis
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    This is so complex an answer I bet I twist it terribly.

    If you start from the top..medicare rules almost everything, they set the pace for reimbursement to the physcians, hospitals and facilitiies as well as medications.(Part D)

    The insurance companies being the smart ones they are..follow with the same. (Well if you are going to pay 10.00 for that 50.00 procedure well I will too) They revamp the $$ when Medicare does. It was sometime last year we received another strong blow from medicare in lowering the returns to run the practice. So......with that came a rise in insurance premiums as they are a business and needed to have returns for survival. The physician are taking on some of the premium costs for meds as the copays hit the roof.

    Maybe you can try the program I suggested? Simple FiLL. They are nation wide advocacy for patients. reached on line at or calling 1-877-386-0206.

    Each manufacturer has set up an assistance program for their meds. SO it is hopeful for help. Especially Cymbalta.

    It is 50.00 per month for one perscription, 2-7 perscriptions is 65.00/mo and 8 or more is 85.00 a month. They deliver the meds from the pharmeceutical company right to you. Done monthly.

    It is a good program to try and get help. I hope this helps someone here, our meds are costly and some are on so many with other problems. . Hope it works.

    Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    Hello Nana B....I was watching something on tv and they were talking about the drug companies are trying to keep the generic drugs from being released so that the company who I guess *invented and/or produced the original one will force us, the users, to buy their product instead for the higher price.

    Everything is *controlled* and it is such a shame when people are struggling just to stay afloat. But this worked for the *oil companies* now didn't it? We, the people, have no choice in the matters....since both gas and medicine is something that we must have. It is so sad to see so much *GREED* around the world. Everyone wants the almighty dollar and as much as they can possible make.

    So many people have overlooked the *important things in life*....our health and our family does not buy neither....but we have to have money to survive.

    NC reduced the unemployment benefits for everyone here and changed the limits on just how long people are allowed to draw as well. I think now the Feds have gotten involved in this *big change*....I am sure this will be an interesting thing to follow just to see what is done about it.

    There are so many people still out of many jobs have been lost and it is sad knowing that people are unable to find ways to live. Lots of problems with little or no guidance on how to *fix things*.

    So glad that you were able to see the 3 D of your GB. I hope things work out for your daughter in law as well. I sometimes think that doctors cause new parents to worry too much....perhaps they sometimes just to conclusions.

    My DIL blood test came back ok. They will still keep watch on the baby though and I hope when she goes back again that they will decide things are better with the baby's kidneys. So much modern day medical technology....I have to wonder IF sometimes....the doctors reach beyond what they should be doing. I am sure some will say better safe than sorry. But for some people....things are accepted is what it is and will deal with whatever GOD blesses us with. GOD makes no mistakes.

    OK...I hope you will rest and feel better soon. I am with you on the weather....I do not think the dampness helps any of us FMers.

    Take care.


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