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    Saturday *****7/13/2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC where it is cloudy again with scattered showers expected again today. Some places have had showers for several weeks now....we did get a break for a couple of days. It is still very damp and wet in a lot of NC....floods have caused a lot of damage. In the mountains there are some houses which are on the verge if sliding off a slope....I think they said it could affect 8 houses total. Good grief...I am glad I don't live in one of them or own one...I would be moving. There are trees down in the neighborhood and they will not even try to clear the area due to causing even more the residents are having to walk to their houses. I can not even imagine.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest and I hope we all have a good Saturday as well....with little to no pain.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group....whether you have posted or are just lurking....we hope you will post and introduce yourself and share any info you care to with the rest of us. I am sure that each of you will soon find something here that will help you cope better with the wrath of the dragon....aka FM. Be sure and check out the info under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and review the *member toolbox*.

    Learning how to pace is a good thing and keeping some sort of schedule throughout each day also helps me. Drinking plenty of water and watching what I eat is also a good thing. Doing gentle exercises and/or stretches help the body so that it does not get stiff and cause even more pain....we, FMers, must keep moving....some days might be slower than others...but moving is so important. Stopain Spray is also good to use on spots which continue decide to ache. Using a heating pad is also good for me. And then there are vitamins and supplements which I have found that has helped to *control my pain*. I am still quite surprised that P5P has helped my lower back pain so much. I am now trying B 1 as well. I am hoping for some improvement in my chronic fatigue.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day.


    booch007 responded:
    Good Morning Mimi and Fmily,

    Same weather fact rain so bad I had to pull over on Thursday I couldn' t SEE . Huge pellets of rain, scared me to death.
    We went to a Happy Beginnings Place to see a live 3 D of the new baby to come...I took movies on my phone of her and she yawned and smiled in some of them. It was great! They make a CD of about 15minutes of scanning in the 3D mode the rest is plain doppler in grey.

    I remember hearing that the 3 D bothers the baby...the sound waves....but I didn't mention it I think thats why it is on then off so much. . My DIL has been given anothe rissues to worry about. Her heart rate and B/P ar elevated and they have her going to a cardiologist this week. Her insurance keeps her in a system* so I cannot take her to me. (So I go to her)..I am not going to work in the morning of Friday so I can watch the echo. I know what he is fearful of and I will look as they measure and film. I will say nothing as to who I am...Just the MIL! This poor girl not a break can she catch.

    I re-read the fragile X syndrome for the carrier as much as I could get my hands on and I don't see it effecting the is always intelligence. So I will just attend.

    It s always something.

    This week I had two significant pain days. Hard to rise from bed was one the other was a neck of glass while watch TV a little to the right. I know better to keep my neck straight or supported. I dont know how that got me, but it was bad...needed motrin and Valium on top of the meds....then gave up and went to bed.

    I am thinking all this rain is not helping any of us......

    Tonight I watch the girls, and I must go shopping for something special to bring with me** They just LOVE when Nana comes to the house, we do so much stuff....

    I am hopeful for a good night and no strains to the body!
    Have a good day my fmily...we must carve days into this life. Push the pain away as best you can with the tools you learn. Add my bottle with distraction in it and hope for the best.

    I keep being handed more challenges but I can be quite evasive to miss em'. Like a football player carrying the ball to goal.......that should be all of us. Move and dodge...move and dodge. Duck and jump, duck and jump! Find some sunshine people...put on your sun glasses. (Take your meds!)
    Hugs to all, Nancy B
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning everyone. I hope the weather is dry for you all today. I know just how badly it affects many of us. For me it's the worst. I feel like a walking barometer. Yesterday I had a nasty flair and knew it would rain. It usually comes on 8-10 hrs before the rain comes. Sure enough, a strong thunderstorm hit last night.

    Our visit with the in-laws was excellent. We had a great time, good conversations, and a great time fishing. It's nice that we all get along so well. Even the dogs were spoiled with extra walks with grandpa.

    My DW would like to move closer to them. Conroe Texas may be in my future. I have mixed thoughts on moving there. All of my family lives here. Her folks are in Texas and her brother is in Georgia. I know it all depends on where the DW can find work when she finishes school for radtec in two years. I have time to sort things out. It would be nice and warm, but I know it's humid there, and natural disasters spook me a bit.

    Yesterday we went to Duluth for and eye appointment and a tooth cleaning. Pretty exciting right? My vision is perfect in one eye so although the other is not bad, it drives me nuts. I was smart and got anti-glare this time too. I was too cheap last time and regret it. I went to Shopco for them instead of Lens Crafters. They are crazy expensive there.

    It is Heritage Days here in Two Harbors this weekend. The parade is a block from my house and people place chairs the night before and all morning to claim their turf. It's pretty funny. There is also a big car show and booths selling lots of neat stuff.

    It's time to get the day going. Take care everyone.

    missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Hi all!
    I had a pretty good day. We also had a big chunk of sunshine finally. All clouded up again now. Looks like more rain. Our houses along the lake here are mainly at the bottom of a hill. My next door neighors front door is at the bottom of his driveway--I have lots of grass and trees in front of the house.. anyhow his front porch filled with water that ran down the driveway and he had just got home from a trip-so they luckily were there to block the water so it couldn't get in.

    Just way too much water lately.

    Anyhow I started having those odd 'aura' things again. I see the neuro at the end of this month. I am thinking it is migraine. I felt like a little head tension and if this makes sense--the top of my brain feels cold. Ever hear of such a thing? Anyhow I think it is what they call silent migraine. Cuz I have all these symptoms but not the severe pain. Which is nice--but still it is a problem. When it first started a few days ago my mood nose-dived. And I felt so confused and couldn't make a decision. I was thinking it was brain fog at first--but it seems like its a new monster. My memory is horrible when this is going on--worse than usual. I also have that cough still going from May. sigh. well life is challenging.

    I'm still praying for everyone. Cory--I lived in Fargo & am a Wisconsin native, but I have to say--I love the south. Texas is kind of hot, but you learn to adjust. I think I feel better down here. not cured, but more active.

    Nancy B & Mimi I was just praying for your future little grand baby's and I will keep on praying. God has a plan.

    Take care Fmily!
    missist replied to missist's response:
    A little more about climate in the south-- I think for me-- mid 80s is perfect now. When it is in the 90s it is harder. We probably have more humidity in SC than Texas would; but even here--if you have a little pool, evenings are very nice.

    you learn to stay in the AC when the sun is going strong--it is a hotter sun here.

    Just thought of that. It took me I think 2 years to get used to the climate and now I love it.
    booch007 replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Morning Cory,

    I too changed from Lense Crafters because I had a BIG issue with my eyes and had to see a retinal specialist, I brought ALL my glasses with me and he said the one's from B/J which is like Costco and such were the best for my needs. Made correct!

    I couldn't believe it. So now THIS IS where I get 2 pair of glassses for 99.00 (well without my added transitions) but big savings. I get coupons too in their membership packages.

    When the vision was worse it was important to get the new right away, that was why I used them. Now I could care less. Dollar store reading glasses and a week wait for a pair that is good for me.

    NO IT IS RAINING AGAIN TODAY....yoour wishes are not reaching the East Coast! I thought todaywould be sunny...actually planned to be in the sun despite the heat .
    N O P E !

    Hope you day goes well. Nancy B

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