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Wolfsong452 posted:
Hello all,

I've had a friend give me a bunch of different supplements. Some are for diet, circulation, skin, for women over 50, etc.

I bet there's at least 10 different supplements she's given me.

My question is how to start taking these. I don't want to start taking them all at the same time. As how would I know which one is helping me?

Yet, to start taking them one at a time, lets say, the primrose, maybe it says to take 3 x's a day,

ok, so when do I add another type of supplement?

How do I know which one is really helping?

so confusing.

If I can remember I will write down all what they've given me and post them here tomorrow night.
fibroinsd responded:
I am not sure..but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you..

my best guess would be to start one and give it at least a week or two before you start the other..

Are there any B vitamins there??? I might start with that??

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
booch007 responded:
I am fearful of a BUNCH of supplements. How about going to the Natural food store that sells them with your list and asking what priority they would suggest, do they all go together?

See what they say. There is so much misinfomation and lack of understanding on things. My supplemnets are Magnesium twice the norm (as per Dr Oz, ) B Complex, Vit D and CoQ10.
Calcium when I remember.

Another thought is look up on Dr Oz's web page, he is always suggesting supplements and his Dr. friend who I can't think of his name...a Jewish name...???? With a W I think. They together may have guidance on the site.

Those are two ideas from me. Good luck, I like Cece's Idea to take one at a time and see how it goes and watch for side effects.

Hope it helps, Nancy B
Wolfsong452 replied to booch007's response:
good idea about taking one and then waiting a couple of weeks, then also taking a list of what I was given to the health food store and talk to them about it.

It was very nice of my friend, she sells these through a company, these were deals were she bought one and got another free, or even 2 free, so she's passed them on to me.

Not sure if I'd need some of these diegestive enzymes, circulation, primrose etc.

also B supplements, etc. some I don't know what they're suppposed to do. Definitely going to do the research.

thanks all!

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