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    Sunday - July 14, 2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...and it is cloudy again much dampness still but sunshine is on the way or so they say.
    It is supposed to get hot again as well. I think we need sunshine for a while to help dry the ground. Enough is enough and I think we have had enough for a while at least.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all.....with little to no pain.

    My GD is here for the week-end and her dad took her to get new shoes...she wanted the ones children can skate on *heelys* I think is what my son called them. I hope she will indeed be really careful on them. I use to see children all the time in stores trying to skate on them. He also bought her some basketball shoes. Perhaps she is now going to try to play basketball. I think she said she did not like softball that much.

    Welcome to the new members....I am sure that each of you will soon find what works for you. We, FMers, must keep on keeping on until we find the right combination of tools. Everything is a process for us....there are no magic pills of sorts that I am aware of. I do hope that IF someone has found one that they will share it with all of others can also try what you have found that works for you.

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level....this is important for a lot of people these days.

    Enjoy your day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning everyone. It is cool and damp here this morning. We were out in lawn chairs last night, and like flipping a switch, the temp dropped about 15 degrees. It's amazing how fast it can change by the lake.

    It's my last day of 11. I really enjoyed the time away from work. I am not looking forward to returning. I will make the best of it as I always have. It should be interesting to see how things are going with my department head on a two week break.

    It was my 20 year class reunion this weekend as well. I thought I would want to attend but I could not bring myself to want to. I honestly hated high school. There were a few who were nice to me, but the majority I could live happy not running into them again. my twin went and called me late begging me to pop in. He was always trying to fit in and was closer to the classmates than I. Between my mild social anxiety and lack of interest, I stayed home. Maybe the 30th will spark my interest.

    I have a few tasks to take care of today, but nothing major. I will make an honest attempt to pace. It's always a tough one for me.

    I have to talk to my Dr. again. I'm having issues with my right hip. When I side stretch to loosen it up. About half way in I get a very sharp, painful nerve pinch, then sciatic pain down my leg. I know It's probably not a good thing to ignore. My wrist issue is still there as well. It is no worse or better and makes turning wrenches tricky. On top of that, I think I need to up my Gabapentin. I take the bare minimum and I don't think it's enough. I have been hurting lately, relief would be welcome. Even if it just tones it down a notch or two.

    All that aside, things are good here. I always say day by day. I work on today and try not to worry about tomorrow or next week. I hope you all have a great day. Take care everyone.

    missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Good Morning from SC.

    So interesting to ready Mimi's & Cory's posts.

    Shoes you can skate in. I look forward to my grand kids gettin bigger! The oldest is four and she can finally peddle the trike we bought her about 2 years ago--when she needed it. LOL.

    Cory-- I have been pondering social anxieties myself today! I found a church I think I want to visit--but my process is so awful! I will listen to sermons there online for a month probably, drive by it a time or two. Lay out clothes to go --and then change my mind. Finally dress up to go--and drive by it and go shopping instead. And then... drum rolll... I will finally screw up my courage and actually show up there. I am about 2 weeks now from that point. Sigh. School reunion--oh my no. Not even considering it.

    I know it is common for people with fibro to have anxiety as well. For me It manifests as physical symptoms I cannot control--and do not understand, but it also is just outright fear of new situations. I'm sure there is plenty of reason physically and emotionaletc. for this--I was also less than popular as a kid--but I think perhaps I was happier that way too, as I could bow out and enjoy solitude for reading and art and writing. Anyhow I know my new church process is nuts, but by golly I can't get over the hump any faster. I think God is patient though and I"m glad for that. He knows how me.

    I am also thinking about upping the gabapentin--funny.

    I took an extra pill last night instead of taking my celebrex--mainly because I chose to have a wine cooler earlier in the evening--which gave me heartburn immediately! so I was afraid to take the celebrex and decided to just give the gabapentin a shot and see what happened. I had been having weird symptoms that were timed closely to gabapentin and i wanted to know if that would happen again. well.. it did not. So I am beginning to think those symptoms are due to a migraine issue-- which I will see what the neurologist says about that. The symptoms seem to be identical to what some folks experience with a 'silent migraine' or an 'aura migraine' I think its the same thing. I think I've been having those and apparently they last a long time--maybe weeks--something like fibro flares can last.

    Otherwise I don't know--maybe it is 'anxiety' or maybe it is to do with my cervical spine.. no idea. But I'm apparently sometimes going to have them.

    We have a partly cloudy morning here. Not bad at all, breezy.

    Last night we got another round of mayflies. This being my first summer on the lake, I am not sure, but I think it is probably not the case that they usually have 5 or 6? separate rounds of mayfly invasion. I have to clean the huge piles of them off the deck again, and get them off my windows that I can reach. I hope this is only because of the extreme rain this year, but if not we will just have to deal with it-- a small price for enjoying the rest of the beauty of nature here.

    so anyhow, I did lay out my church outfit today, next week I may actually put it on. LOL I am very glad I can actually say that here and not feel like I will be thought strange or judged.

    Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!
    booch007 responded:
    Good almost Afternoon,

    I am still on the computer since 6a.m.!!

    I was hit with more grey news yesterday and I also had a fender bender in the afternoon...... BIG .

    I am researching the Fragile X genetic issue that we are dealing with. My DIL has a cousin that is less pregnant and had the amniocentisis done and the genetic expression for that baby went from 70 to 700. That is a clear disease marker. This mess gets worse as you age so even my DIL is at risk to develop MS, Parkinsons, Dementia, ovarian failure and guess what....FIBROMYALGIA.

    As I read I see similarities in my life and am trying not to use a magnifine glass to my life or my family. But it raises an eyebrow. Loose ligament syndrome is there (I have that) Mitral Valve prolapse (I have that) etc. similarities....

    Funny I found researcher in California with my Mothers Maiden name that I reached out to, to see if the family genes have issues? Also whre is the research at at present.

    Little girls have a 50/50 chance of having the disease and this is retardation/ autism and behaviour challenges. .

    I am going with my DIL to the cardiologist Friday to see her echo as it is done to be sure there is no MAJOR find. She is emotionally being tortured by all of this and I am in a positive place for them **always**. I just worry privately, thisis why I am reading to level the playing field for me. Knowledge is a gift if you take it that way.

    OK, I am sore from the bang I took but I have so many tools to bounce back the other way. My focus is on the baby and the mom at this time. WOHOO the sun came out so I must get some rays.....A peaceful day to all. Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    OMG****Nana sorry about the fender bender and the news concerning your DIL and her cousin. I think about this though, as with my own DIL....and sometimes I think that too much is revealed for people these days....You know that IF we all knew just what we would face in the future....then we might want to take off in a different direction....I do understand some things are really important to know but do we really want to know what everything that we might (or might NOT) be exposed to?

    Modern Medical technology is so advanced these days. I know that some of it is really important but not sure that we need to know about *things we can NOT change anyway*. Perhaps some people want to know but as for me....nope....I have enough to deal with. My DH had cancer at 40 and I now have a son who is not far from being 40 and it does concern me that any of my children just might end up with dealing with *cancer* also.

    I know that I worry too much and I think that there are times when it is better that we just do NOT know what is in store for us.

    Perhaps young people need to be tested for all of this BEFORE they decide to have children....but I am still not sure that this would make a difference either for some people. I think there are a lot of people who just accept whatever life brings....and learn to deal with whatever it brings.

    I do hope things go well with your DIL....and I hope she gets good news.

    I also hope that you will rest and feel better soon as well.

    Take care.


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