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With fibro pain and other underlying conditions how can you separate when talking to your doctor?
An_248463 posted:
I have other conditions in addition to fibro. Degenerative athritis, nerve damage, and recently pain that is worse on the right side of body and total numbness that happens almost every night of leg, foot and hands. How to address separate issues without everything being connected to fibro?
missist responded:
Hi, I have a lot of that overlapping and confusion of things too. When i got to dr I generally deal with symptoms--which sometimes I'd really like to know what is causing something that is 'new' and at that point it usually ends up a rabbit chase, tests, more tests.. ugh.

Its difficult--I do agree. My last dr visit I was discussing some new weird symptoms and said that 'not everything is fibro' which got me an apt. with a neuro. and I don't know, now I'm thinking this will be a spendy time consuming waste of time.. but maybe not..

It gets discouraging.

I think though, going symptom by symptom when a few of them start to be treated well enough, it becomes a little easier to pinpoint what needs to be addressed next.

I found when my widespread pain got more under control, I could pinpoint the other difficult things that are keeping me from having the best quality of life possible.

don't know if this helpful or not--just I know. I have stiffness and numbness and fatigue/depression, pain and constant noise in my ears/head, as well as a few other weird things. So I just try to get it improved as I go.

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