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Swelling and pain in knee and back of knee
deansmimi posted:
Does anyone else have this? I have to use stairs all day, and it is really painful to lift my legs. It feels like my skin is too tight, and when I come down, my right leg (which isn't as swollen) comes down easier, but whenmy left leg bends, I cry out. I had the visiting nurse
this morning, but they don't comment one way or the other. I find
Nancy's info and advice much more helpful than nurses in the home.
It feels like something could be seriosly wrong. I'm afraid some morning I won't be able to walk. It's frightening, as I'm alone all the time.I just started with the nurse. I also have two rotor cuffs in both arms and very little mobility. Now both legs. Never had any trouble with knees until I had to use the cane and walker for hip problems.
Now the hip problem seems like the least of my problems.

Nancy, I'm sorry I didn't respond to you after you helped me about two wks ago, but I have trouble using the laptop most of the time.I just want you to know that I really appreciate you and your vast knowledge that you offer to so many. We all learn from reading your posts. Thank you! I was just taken off levoxyl for my thyroid, as they are not making it anymore, and I had to go on Synthroid. This is when
most of my trouble started. I thought iI might just need an increase
that my Dr had suggested before so he gave it to me. Then my symptoms got worse. I checked on line, and found that the fillers
in the Syn. may be causing an allergic reaction? They are Acasia,
which is a tree-bark and lactose? and if someone is allergic to tree or grass pollen, it can cause an allergic reaction.. Or is it the FM??
So hard to figure. My vitals are fine. Heart. bld pressure, temp.

Anyone else?

Thanking you in advance for any help anyone can offer.


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