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    Saturday *****7/20/2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC and it is still hot, hot, hot....but not 3 digits.....thank goodness for this. I did not think just how being so hot affects me but I have found out and remembered from the past just what it does to me. It is not a good thing for the mind or the body. But of course, there is not much that any of us can do about the weather....just like the wrath of the dragon, it is what it is and we just have to find a way to cope better. My choice has been to stay inside. Yesterday was not a good day for me as I got sick....and this just made things a bit worse. I think it was something that I ate. It is always someone to deal with. Today I have a sore middle finger....only one....but boy is it tender. I am not really sure just how much traffic our support group has now. It seems to be really so very slow. I hate that Dr. P's discussions are now not available for anyone to read. Do not understand why they were taken down. It would have been nice if someone would advise us of what was/is going on but I guess actually in today's world no one has to do anything.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort as there are no quick fixes that I am aware of.

    Vitamins and supplements is what I use plus doing other things as well. You have to figure out what you will put into your toolbox as you try different things. It is quite interesting to talk to others who know exactly how you feel. It is good to know that other people actually understand what you are facing each day on the journey that we, FMers, have to make.

    Vitamin D and Vitamin Bs are important.....My latest and greatest discovery is P5P....which is only a processed form of Vitamin B 6....and has helped ease my lower back pain. Our feet are really important and I would have never connected them to other parts of my body. I now know though. Yesterday on Dr. Oz there was a doctor who actually can look at people's faces and figure out what is going on with their major organs. Interesting info was shared about this.

    I think we all know just how important everything is for those of us deal with the wrath of the dragon each and every day. For a lot of us it is a BIG PAIN.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day and remember to drink lots of water and try to stay cool, if you can.


    booch007 responded:
    Morning All,

    H O T is when the office loses it's air conditioning and it is HOTTER INSIDE then outside!! HOLY CRAP! now offices have widows that don't open and I *greatfully am underground so my office with my house fan was 77 degrees......but the more you came out to the other side of the office to the windows and sun YIKES! I felt so bad for everyone....

    It is back on right now and they have a plan for the future so it won't happen again! Yeah right! That and floods and power outages, it is always something.

    Well, I continue to work like a Steed in a heard of horses......and I am losing steam right now, BURNT out I think. But I continue. This project, task, job has to be done and done right so I move forward......11 hours a day 5 days a week.
    Smile on my face, listening as best I can to all the needs of the staff and filtering them to the right people. A Challenge.

    I know I could never have done this without savella. That med changed me so much. Maybe I am the only one with adrenal fatigue and this perked me up.....increasing my norepinephrine was just what the body ordered.

    Tomorrow is Baby EMILY'S shower and I will go with a smile again, though my heart is broken and scared of the future for my son and DIL. I pray for the best.....prepare for the worst and obviously will take what God gives us. Mt Sinai in NYC will be her place for care. The researcher there will have cord blood right away to work with to help with answers.

    You know how I believe in distraction as a med for us. Well I am truly distracted from self. My thoughts are on many things.
    So who can pay attention to any pain they are having.....

    So many times as a joke I would tell patients...I give you the nitro to give you a headache so you forget your chest pain....
    (That is a physiological response to NTG while opening the coronary vessels)

    It is like MOM telling you RUB IT...and the pain gets better because you gave the brain something else to feel and deal with and it lessens the intensity of the pain you had before.

    (Did that come out right?) Anyway, lots of distraction to go around.

    Today the pool with my God Child and I am going to ask for the GC to come over as well. We will see.....I would love to hear laughter in the yard. Life is quiet here..

    Have a good day, a grand day some of you that are reaching out to experience something different. Low pain day!

    Nancy B
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Saturday to all. I hope, as always, that this finds each of you in a good place today. A place where dealing with fibro issues or pain is not an issue.

    I've been slow on posting lately due to my dealing with eye infections, an ear infection and a really nasty flare up of IBS. which sent me to the ER. I took so many tests that day and it all come back to IBS. So I'm on Belladonna for that again. Back on Gabapentin too as well as medications for all three of those infections and a along with everything else a nasal spray for congestion. Just makes one want to cry. So for all the above reasons I haven't felt much like posting and haven't had much good news to post about. Thank goodness the meds are kicking in and I am feeling a bit better. Yea that!

    It's hot here too. We're hitting temps in the 90's today and pretty much every day now along with rain and thunderstorms later on. So typical summer here in TN. Hard to think that it's mid summer now and it will be August before long and most of the schools here, well almost everywhere, will be back up and filled with the voices and laugher of children. Our schools will be opening by July 31ST. Pre K and Kindergarten's will have their first full day August 1ST. My youngest GS will be in Kindergarten this year. Last of the little people in my family to date. My middle DD and her husband tell me they are trying for a little one. With God's help, we'll see.

    DH had thought about driving up to WOC for evening service but with the rain and thunderstorms due in about service time we'll be passing on it. I do need to get up and out the door and get to the market for a few things for dinner. With the heat I don't feel like cooking much in the afternoon or early evening these days but DH wants to grill tonight so off to the market I go.

    On that note let me close this here. Sorry if I didn't reply to all the posts today, you know that I think of each of you and wish you all the best of the day.

    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    fibroinsd responded:

    I am trying to get ready to go visit my MIL next week. I will be gone for about a week..and am so nervous about leaving my mom and dad..We have the care the one for M-T..and a new one on Sat. She started today..and dad still called asking me if I wanted to go to lunch with them and telling me he had messed up last nights pills..I tell is a worry about being gone for even a week.. I will talk to him again tomorrow..I just couldn't go over there today...I did get a lot of errands done..

    nancy..I didn't realize that Savelle helped with Adrenal Fatigue..did that part make you lose any weight?? Remember when I was talking to you about being on that medrol pack..Is this the same thing?? gee I wish this wasn't all so complicated..

    Hope all of you on the East Coast are starting to get a break in the heat..It sure cooled off here today..

    Linda..sorry to hear you have been going through so the ER and all...and now meds..hope you start feeling better.

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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