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    Hi... Can't send messages...Try here....
    dakotaspirit1957 posted:
    hi all... i hope this finds you better then me... been yucky... Yeh... That's the good word for it... lol... I have yucky mush for brains... Yucky fires for nervous system... yucky petrified trees for muscles... Oh hey... I just darn YUCKEY...

    But I am doing this homework for my councelor... It is called "Positive Feedback During Pain"... It isn't a daily diary... Just doing entries on days that the pain gets to me... Which isn't very often... Thank God... But when I hit a slump... Well... I hit one...

    Today is one of those times... See I fell on the 26th because my right leg just went numb and down I went... I couldn't get up off the floor for a day and a half... Until... Probably because I wa lying down too flat... I couldn't breathe... My daughter called an ambulance because I couldn't catch my breathe and the only reason my insurance would pay for an ambulance or ER out of state was if it was life or death... All I needed was to sit up and I couldn't... and get some oxygen... It was also then we found out the ambulance would come out for free to help me up... I didn't have to wait till I couldn't breathe... They helped me back to my cottage next to my daughter's home... Made sure I could get around...
    And made me promise to call next time...Checkig i ... Ca't
    I still can't walk... And now I am staggering between numb paralysis and painful paralysis... Either way... The skin is numb to all touch... but the pain is within my leg... And very hard to describe...

    I have been unable to walk before but never like this...
    this is scarey...

    take care... love... Jan/Dakota
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Jan.....sorry to hear that you are having such a time. I hope things get better for you and that you can enjoy the time you have with your daughter and her family.

    I think we all go through *spells, for lack of a better word* and we have to be patience in order to let both our minds and our bodies recover. I also think times such as this is much harder on us FMers than it is with normal people. But then again I have to laugh.....*what is *normal* anyway?* Don't know IF anyone actually knows the answer to this. was good to hear from you and I hope you will continue to improve and recover.

    Take care and good luck. Update us when you can.


    fibroinsd responded:
    Jan so so sorry to hear...please take care...hope you start doing better soon..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Jan, I am so very sorry to hear of this new medical event. I sure wish it hadn't happened. Hope you are feeling better now and that you are able to figure out why the leg went numb on you.

    Be careful. Feel well..
    Gentle << HUGS >>>
    Linda R.
    ajnsmom responded:
    I'm praying for you!

    franr responded:
    Dear Jan
    I just read your post and I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly.If you have a primary MD there are test they can do to determine what is causing you numbness in your legs.There are many muscle tests that can detect what the problem may be. Try to make an appointment with him and ask him to run some tests.Please stay strong and know there are so many of us who are praying for you and sending good wishes your way. Please keep us posted. Hugs Fran

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