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booch007 posted:
Hey Cece,

I am so sorry to read of the issues with Mom and Dad. It is really a short window often that you have here. Eachday must seem like a month though. When you look back you will be so happy you were there to help them. (The others maybe not so much) As in my family, I had to drive 6 parkways to get to them yet 15minutes away was my sister. She was never available......

About the savella. It doesn't increase cortisol it deals with the ardrenaline component. As I see it, increasing my norepinephrine in my body and brain has increases heart rate, b/p and energy. Alertness and function.

I remember having a conversation a long time back with someone of the adrenal fatigue theory they had posted about us.

The more I read about the genetic issues for the baby to come (Emily) I see how we could get broken by a genetic component. The DNA expressing a repeat gene that sets off the wrong protiens in the cells and insults the RNA to send them into haywire status.

Anatomy and physiology has always been an amazing magnet for me. So I am doing alot of reading that is dry...but I can get it a bit to make a picture of what can come. The waiting game is going to be tough.

There are a few meds that help these kids, but it is like cure, treat the symptoms and do your best.

So back to the savella, it was a right fit from the start. But I sweat easy tween that and the tramadol (I hate that part) + menopause. And too much I grind my teeth and have trouble sleeping. So careful I am.

I think for my weightloss that time i was focused and the added energy and painfree state helped me to walk and do the trampoline to lose the excess I needed.

I cannot get focused now. I cheat everyday so burn mode will not happen, I have had good conversations with myself and still I stay right where I am. Hmmmm Then I think of Dr Phil and say " You must be getting something from this chubbiness that you are staying in it" (As he would say." You must have a reward to keep doing a behaviour"

That is too complex for me. I surrender tot he demons that keep me here....

Good luck cece with the parents and the fears....I think of you often, as I see the same transition in the office with daughters bringing in their fragile Father or Mother. . We just try to give guidance where we have it.

OK low pain day you..........Nancy B

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