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just found this site - hurray
purplediane posted:
i'm feeling terrible today and yesterday, nothing new, but today thought i'd look around about the hands/feet/ankle swelling problem. my feet hurt so bad. in the morning the bottoms are swollen too so i almost fall my way to the bathroom. i was so glad to find this site and see so many other people with the same/similar problems. i have more problems, but today's focus was swelling. i will have some other questions later as other weird unexplainable things have gone on. something like fribro-fog (again, glad not just me). anyway, i won't post much, not a big talker, but i will read everyday. can always find out something new. i had depression/anxiety problems years before fibro, this did not help. i wonder, how many of you still work full or part time jobs. i am currently on disability for despression/anxiety/panic attacks, which are a big problem. like these problems, with fibro i find i am unpredictable and therefore unreliable. i can't imagine holding down a job. i do some volunteer work to get me out of the house, but with volunteer you don't get yelled at if you don't come in that day, or cry all day at your desk, or don't get anything done because you can hardly move.
so, that's enough for me for now. i'm really curious how many of you work and what you do and how you do it. thanks for this community.

i see now there's a place for poll questions. i'll ask my work question there.

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missist responded:
My feet & ankles often swell in the evening, they get very stiff and sometimes the stiffness goes almost to my knees.

I think it is the fibro--but I have other issues--so not 100% sure.

As for working--I gave up on outside jobs-however I do make and sell artwork online

I like this better as I can pace myself and be flexible.

If its a bad day I don't have to worry about running out the door.

I'm always trying to pinch pennies and find ways to contribute in spite of not having a job anymore.
Anon_2912 replied to missist's response:
Well I have a full time job, mainly I work from 7:30-5pm Mon-Friday.

I wake up stiff, but I take a hot shower before work and before bedtime. My thighs act like no other and BOTH my hands are stiff and I can't bend them during the night. My finger joints are swollen, but I must get out of bed..

I work because it helps mentally. I tried staying home, but it just depressed me....I have to be around people.

I do take B12 & Advil, (a lot)...I used be on all kinds of pills for Fibro, until one day I got so sick of them all. So I quit cold turkey but stayed on Advil. The side effects both mentally and physically were only making things worse for me...

So I went back to work....I have good/bad days, who doesn't for one reason or another.

However, like I said, for me it was more for the mental aspect of my life than needing to work. (I am blessed my husband works for the railroad & our only child is 19 and lives on his own with work & college) He was home for the summer however, but moves out again in 2 weeks.

A lot of people handle fibro differently, what works for me may not work for you. Only you know what you can and can not do...

My doctor told me years ago, DO NOT GIVE IN too Fibro, so I took that to heart. ...

I have good friends, and a great family and NO ONE knows my medical issues..


I don't have to give them reason for not going somewhere or why I can't do something. I just simply say "I can't today". They don't pester me on the "why not"..
dawncostella replied to Anon_2912's response:
I was diagnosed in November 2011. I work full time, but there are days I can't make it. It has changed my performance at work for sure. I used to be the top employee. I wouldn't consider myself that now. I am 44 and I thought I would work until at least 55 (I will be in my job 30 years at 55). But I have decided that I will retire at 50 unless something changes.
missist replied to dawncostella's response:
I'll be 55 this year, so I guess I'm semi-retired--but I do put a lot of hours into my art business.

I quit work when I became too slow and too sore and tired to keep it up. Pacing works much better with what I do now.


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