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Vitamin B-1 I think this is helping!
missist posted:
Posted last week about a very small study involving large doses of Vitamin B-1. So I ordered this and it arrived a few days ago.
I am taking 500 units 2 x a day. So this is a mega dose--but within the limit on the study.

Now I'm not sure this is it--but I have had a lot more energy the past couple days--and I wonder if it could be the B-1.

I can't say it helps pain much--but I do have pretty reasonable pain control with gabapentin and celebrex and nortryptilene.
it could also be that my depression symptoms are gone too-so don't know.

All I do know is I've only taken this a few days and I do feel more energetic. Which is super rare for me.

Looks like it is worth trying.

Hopefully more studies will bear that out.
moxie1956 responded:
Can you cite the study for us to read ourselves? I'm interested in knowing more. I'm aware of the benefits of vitamin D for fibro, but had not heard about the possibilities of vitamin B-1, so please, if you can, give us the link or whatever. Thanks.
missist replied to moxie1956's response:
Hi.. I'll try to find it. I did post a link about it a week or so ago. It was very small--only a few women.
Anon_501 replied to moxie1956's response:
missist responded:

I really look at this study as a 'hmm.. maybe' it is way too small to be a certainty and also there could be other factors. But--I did notice I felt better supplementing with B-1-- could be something else coinciding with that, but ? I figure it won't hurt and maybe it does help.

moxie1956 replied to Anon_501's response:
Thank you!
Featherlight Hugs,
moxie1956 replied to missist's response:
Thanks, Mary, for posting the direct link. A study's findings on only 3 patients is dubious, but when trying to find relief, grasping at anything is what we do best.

I take six a.m. meds & five a.m. supplements, and six p.m. meds & four p.m. supplements, and additional prn pain & migraine meds, which get ingested daily. If I could wean off the meds entirely & just be maintained by supplements, I'd be a happy camper.

Perhaps you can keep us updated on your or - success w/B-1. I'd be interested in having your feedback. Thanks!
Featherlight Hugs,

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